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[Adv] Quan Fa Organic Farm, Local Organic Farm in Singapore

Recently i heard in news about government will be claiming back the farm lands for new developments. I feel so sad to hear about that, as new Singaporeans generation will not able to see the local farm in their own homeland.We all need to find a little sanctuary from time to time, and what better way to do that than by getting …

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[Health Product Review] Expressions Detox Health Kit

Being skinny is never happen in my life ever, perhaps is only happen during my pre-puberty. Started to keep on growing during teenager until i have a whooping weight 60kg plus. Back then i feel so ashamed about myself then journey of never ending diet started. Well until now i can say i have go thru very hard time maintaining …

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[Healthy Lifestyle] Lesssaltdiet Low Salt Maintenance Lunch Bento

It’s been almost 4 years, i really concern about my weight and look which leads me to healthy habit, more exercise and proper eating (even tho somehow still craving for those unhealthy snacks T.T). So i am always in a diet mode on after eating junk stuffs.. I choose healthy eating! 🙂Who said that eating healthy has never been so easy?! …

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Creamy Miso Soba Salad with Edamame

Yayy!!! Healthy food again!!! I love eating healthy..  Last week i got this recipe and wanna try to cook it.. Eh actually it’s not cooking.. It’s just mixing and stirring.. 😉  So easy to make it and it’s so yummy!! Ingredients: 1. Shiro Miso (White Soya Bean Paste) 2. Soba noodle 3. Chopped garlic, fresh one better haha.. 4. Edamame …

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Strawberry, Banana, Blueberry Smoothies

This week i was trying one of green smoothies recipe again.. 🙂 Yap, think should make it as a habbit, to maintain beauty and health.. And i am not bluffing or lying, the taste of this green smoothies is really good.. Hmmm maybe because the combianation within fruit and vegie is also good, i heard only some vegie (non-carbo) can …

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My Sushi Dictionary

Actually few years ago I learnt Japanese, it’s just for my own good. I love Japanese foods and i love Japanese culture, everything about Japanese.. Huh?! Been so long never talk in Japanese, forgot lots of Japanese words.. This post is just to remind me about food, LOL!!! Especially sushi and sashimi.. droollll*  🙂 Sake : Salmon (Salmon, Smoke Salmon, Seared …

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