About Me


I am Yuni.. 

YuniQueYuni is personal blog sharing fashion, travel, beauty, foods and lifestyle as well as sharing DIY stuff. Aiming to inspire reader throughout unique experience.

Enjoy your reading!

Further About Me..

I am Indonesian Chinese born in Bogor-West Java-Indonesia and currently reside in Singapore due to works. 

I am Landscape Architect graduated from Agricultural University in Bogor, but i have more passion for fashion and DIY stuffs. I really love “ART” and i am thinking my life should be beautiful and meaningful like the art. That’s why i am very perfectionist and very particular on everything in my life.. 

I know that life will not be always PERFECT, but what i can do is: TO BE GRATEFUL and ALWAYS COUNT MY BLESSING..

That’s the key of my life.. 🙂

My Childhood..

Well i have nothing much to say about my childhood.. Because my family was incomplete.. My father passed away when i was 8 years old and i really can’t figure it out how’s life WITH FATHER until now. But i really love my Mom, so far she’s doing her best to be a single parent, which is very tough.. I have an elder brother, taking care of my mom now and i have elder step siblings.

Hope you enjoy reading my blog.. 🙂