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[Product Review] Win Win’s Brumee Kollo Mee Non-fried Instant Noodles & Nutrigold Blackcurrant Concentrate

Win Win Food Singapore recently introduced 2 new products: Brumee Kollo Mee and Nutrigold Blackcurrant Concentrate. 

(1) Brumee Kollo Mee, the non-fried instant noodles 
Have you ever imagine eating instant noodles but less guilty? At first i feel skeptic, as my family not get use to consume instant noodles because it’s said unhealthy food with a lot of MSG. But when i heard about this kollo mee from Win Win Food, i really keen to try because it’s free from MSG and colouring.
Kollo mee is a popular noodle dish among people in Sarawak, just like how we love our wanton mee and bak chor mee noodle dish. Besides char siew (barbecued pork) and vegetables, kollo mee is also served with minced meat in Sarawak.
Win Win Food Singapore recently introduced its new product – Brumee Kollo Mee, the non-fried instant noodles – as the team is aware that people are getting more health conscious these days. Even if they have to eat instant noodles, they pick the healthier choice.

Brumee Kollo Mee is NON-FRIED, contains NO MSG, and NO COLOURING. It’s a breeze to cook this. Quick, fuss-free, springy and delicious. You may even go a little more creative and add your own toppings of seafood or even vegan/vegetarian instead of the usual char siew and minced meat.

Preparation to cook the instant noodles.. 
Like other typical instant noodles, it’s very easy to cook.

Follow the instruction at the back of packaging, but somehow i like my noodles more chewy, so i prefer to cut down the boiling time. Usually i boil the noodles within 5-7 mins instead of 10-15mins.

Added in black fungus, chopped paisley, fishball and my all time favourite – Shinjuku egg..

If you are wondering why the noodles have different colour, it’s because i like to add Indonesian sweet soya sauce on mine and hubby not really like sweet so i keep his noodles original with all ingredient from its packaging.

Yums! Love the texture of noodles. Not too soft and chewy. It was so tasty even tho no MSG added.

Brumee Kollo Mee is available at NTUC Supermarkets at an introductory price of $3.20 for 5 packs of 100g.

(2) Nutrigold Blackcurrant Concentrate 

Many of us grew up with our favourite chilled blackcurrant drink, known for giving us that
boost of Vitamin C.
Win Win Food Singapore recently introduced its new product – Nutrigold Blackcurrant Concentrate with the following differentiation:
• higher in Vitamin C (52 mg per 100ml compared to the usual 48 mg per 100ml)
• no artificial colours

• more concentrated

How much Vitamin C do we need per day?

1 cup of orange juice will give you 97 mg of Vitamin C
1 cup of tomato juice will give you 45 mg of Vitamin C
1 cup of cooked broccoli will give you 74 mg of Vitamin C
1 medium sized kiwi fruit will give you 70 mg of Vitamin C
1 cup of Nutrigold Blackcurrant will give you 130 mg of Vitamin C

How do you make a good cup of Nutrigold Blackcurrant drink?
Recommended dilution ratio = 50 ml of Nutrigold Blackcurrant with 200 ml of water.

Pssstt, this blackcurrant concentrate is my hubby favourite.. At first, I didn’t expect that he will like it, in fact he always having this daily..

He always having this by diluting into cold water and add in some ice. Wah so shiok!

Nutrigold Blackcurrant Concentrate is available at all major supermarkets.


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  1. Anonymous

    Hi may I know where can I get Shinjuku egg in Singapore, and also the Indonesian sweet soya sauce?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hi, sorry for late reply, you can buy Shinjuku egg at 7-eleven. For indonesian sweet soya sauce, i got it from Indo shop at level 2 lucky plaza.

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