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Haji Lane

When my first time visit Haji Lane, i found this place is a gem of vintage and unique stuffs. This place where i met flea market and shop there for first time ever in my life.. 
I still remember last time i found some branded stuff, like zara and mango still with the tag, and they were selling those for only 5 bucks, what a steal right?
Hello!!! Flea market is not about all vintage or pre-loved items, some of those items are brand new from leftover or unused items.. 
That’s why i love to hunt around at flea market, because you may find ‘something’ with a slash price.. Do not even paiseh (shy) because you shop in flea market.. But who know you can find fashionable items within your budget..
For me, i am pretty fun shop around flea market and somemore still can bargain a bit.. LOL! Where can do this kind of thing if you are shopping in boutique or branded shops, haha…

By the way, Haji Lane is not only about flea market, sometimes they also having different theme of events. When we came there for this photoshoot, we found a lot of stall selling organic and balanced meal, yoga stall (they are really doing yoga inside the stall, interesting right?), tarot card reading stall, etc.. Hmm i think the theme is about “healing your soul”, hehe..

And i think now Haji Lane is becoming one of tourist place and on the end of the lane, there is a big and colourful graffiti wall to attract people snap a photo over there.

Haji Lane is bout 300m from Bugis mrt station and on this lane, lots of fashion blogger boutique, all are very unique.. 🙂
If you intent to visit Singapore, you may come to Haji Lane.. I can’t promise it will always have branded stuff sold over there but trust me, it’s worth to visit… You may found something different and interesting from your own perspective.. 

OOTD Detail:
Top from ASOS
Skirt from Forever 21
Shoes from Forever 21
Bag from Furla – Candy Bag Gold with Chains
Necklace from Chanel
Bracelet from Lovisa and Rings from HM


  1. Love your skirt Yuni!! Matches your top very well and it gives such an old school but sophisticated touch to your outfit!! Are you a full time blogger? 🙂 if not what's your job??

  2. Thank you dear.. 🙂 I am not a full time blogger, i am a landscape architect, but i love everything about design and art and fashion.. 🙂
    Sometimes i do event design and decoration and sometimes i design fashion as well. And i love to write and share my story.. 🙂

  3. I see I see! Looking forward to see more of your blogposts!! You're very friendly and humble!! :))

  4. Thank you so much for reading my blog, Zhi Ling.. That's such a sweet compliments.. 🙂

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