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Hanging around @ Piazza San Marco, Venice: Doge’s Palace, St Mark Basilica, Clock Tower

I had yogurt everyday over there, yogurt at hotel Stella Alpina quite nice with fresh berries.. I love to dip in crunchy cornflakes on it.. 🙂  

Breakfast room at Stella Alpina hotel in Venice..

The Garden of Stella Alpina hotel.. 

Had a regular Capriciossa pizza sharing with my hubby for our lunch.. Only cost €8..

Lovely birds were bathing on the fountain.. Birds there are very fat, hohoho..

Doge’s Palace (Palazzo Ducal) building’s facade 

Detail on the courtyard of Doge’s Palace..

Piazza San Marco, always packed with tourists..

Saint Mark’s Basilica..

Saint Mark’s Basilica..

Facade of Saint Mark’s Basilica.. As usual inside church in Europe are very magnificent, Italo-Byzantine architecture..

Inside the Saint Mark’s Basilica, there are Treasury contains what is now a unique collection of Byzantine portable objects in metalwork, enamel and hardstone carving, most looted from Constantinople after the Fourth Crusade.

Flooded in the morning at Piazza San Marco so they need to raised the platform for people to walk on..

Clock Tower, one of landmark at Piazza San Marco

Columns at Doge’s Palace.. This corridor facing towards Piazza San Marco.

The Central Courtyard at Doge’s Palace..

This Palace is very old, just like other palace, inside is a museum displaying the doge’s chamber, the military stuffs like armours and weapons, painting, artwork, etc. And the most creepy part on the walkways towards the underground prison.. We feel the eerie atmosphere over there.. I honestly never know what happen before over there, but i just simply didn’t want to snap any photo from there.. :'( So freaking creepy over there..

End up when i came back from europe and told my friend i went inside the prison, she told me that inside prison long time ago there were a lot of prisoner died. When Venice had the high tide and flooded, they left all the prisoner locked underground and let them died.. T.T 
Ahh.. really creepy, i really got goosebump just only heard the story..

Doge’s Palace..

Tourist shoot…

Clock Tower and Doge’s Palace..

Ponte de Rialto (Rialto Bridge)

Picturesque view of Grand Canal..

Gondola riding..

Gondola parked at the side of Grand Canal..

Venetian Mask souvenir.. I would like to buy some for fun and i saw some cute human doll, but my hubby not allowed me to buy, because he told me all looks so freaking creepy..

Nite View from the bridge nearby hotel, beside the train station.

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