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Cooking Time!!!

Sunday, 14th July 2013

We prepared foods for our routine Monday lunch together in office.. 
Pasta Salad
– Cheery tomato
– Butterhead/ Lettuce
– Kernell corn
– Carrot 
– Pasta

Fried Rosemary Honey Chicken Wings
My friend marinated chicken wings night prior before we fried it..
She share with me ingredients to marinate the chicken wings:
– Fish sauce (brand: Knife)
– Honey
– dried Rosemary 
– dried oregano powder
– Lemon juice
– A bit of salt and pepper


Actually it will also nice to bake it instead of fried it.. ;p
When u frying it, make sure the flame not too strong, of else you will get the burned  skin but inside still raw.. But it will take time

Voilaaa.. Chicken wings done!

Now the dessert..
I prepared “anyhow” recipe of pudding.. 
I called it Fruit Soya Pudding..
– Konnyaku Premix Jelly Powder
I like to use this bcoz firmer (uneasy break) than normal Jelly/ Agar2.. 
– Soya milk, choose the thick and creamy soya milk.. Btw i preferred soya milk instead of full cream/condensed milk because soya milk not too creamy as common milk.. And for sure it’s more healthy.. 🙂
I found this brand Vitamilk at NTUC Fair Price, packed in the glass bottle and seems more fresh than the one packed in the box.. Anyway the price really cheap, only $0.80 per bottle..
– Canned fruit cocktail or better if use the fresh fruit.. Reason: more healthy (again!!! Ok that is my concern! So?) and free from preservatives and sweetener.. 
Drain off the canned fruit from its syrup.. ( u don’t need that much sugar in ur food and in ur life, haha)..

Here is the result.. Taste not too sweet, soya smell not too strong.. Hmm mybe a bit too hard, perhaps i dun put too many water inside..

Cooking is really extremely FUN, indeed… 
Wish we can quickly get our house here so i can try to do other recipe.. *wink-wink* ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ


  1. Everything looks so delicious! The chicken wings… mmmm. -drools- ;n; So yummy.

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