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Singapore Registry of Marriage

30 July 2012

Wow, time really flies.. So fast.. i always feel nowadays, working a week (5days) feels like nothing haha, due to busy bcoz currently my project is on construction and sometimes once in a week need to spend one day or two days for coordination meeting or going for site walk.. Ah, yes, it is my life.. @.@” 

Ok back to the topic.. It’s almost a year i am in marriage status.. legally.. yah, one year ago, on 30th July  2012 we registered our marriage in Singapore.. Place where we are both live together so far (hmmm maybe forever #fingercrossed).. We filed in our marriage in Singapore and so far only report to our each country embassy, Indonesian and Malaysian Embassy..

Registry of marriage in Singapore consider easier than registry of marriage in my hometown, Indonesia.. Well I am not so sure how to register in Malaysia.. But as i know to register marriage in Indonesia quite complicated and couples shall having the same religion to obtain legal marriage certificate. In other words, you have to do ceremony marriage (based on religion) before having legal marriage.. 
For instance, I am Christian and my hubby is more to Buddhist, so if we would like to solemnize our marriage in Indonesia, both shall attend the marriage course in Church (if we are going to marry in Christian ceremony) or attend marriage course in Temple (if we are going to marry in Buddhist ceremony) prior to legal marriage. 
After we obtain religion marriage certificate, we might as well get concurrence our legal marriage and obtain our legal marriage certificate as well. 
My hubby didn’t want it to be so troublesome, somemore we are from two different country, so better to do register in Singapore.. I heard from my bestfriend who married foreigner also, quite troublesome to settle requirements for marriage in Indonesia even she has same religion with her hubby.

But anyway, register your marriage in Singapore is super simple and it is open to foreigners, everything just apply and fill in online.. But.. They have a few conditions as well, such as you and your spouse-to-be shall be present in Singapore for minimum 15days etc. For further Step by step to register you marriage may refer to ROM website:

The Solemnization process was really fast, total only about 30min including waiting and solemnization itself.
Then after that we had photo session. Since ROM is very simple, most of peoples who choose solemnization in ROM office seldom have professional wedding photographer. Haha, but we are different.. We always capture every special moments in our life. Well frankly speaking, since nobody helped us took picture as on our solemnization day is working day. We hire professional freelance photographer, WMA (Wedding Montage Animation).. Their website here:

Their photos are quite good and i love the vintage mood in all those photos they captured.. They edited every picture, not only colour editing, they even do photo montage.. Psssttt… My photo looks like i am really slim… Hahaha… Adjusting a bit of my arms size, make it more proportional. Although i never asked them to do so, but so far pretty happy with the results, haha.. ^.^

Sharing with you my ROM photography..

Well some photos turned out very nice, but actually our pose during that day just normal.. <3 font="">
Haha, love the vintage mood of the photos..

– Decoration (wedding props) and birdcage done by myself.. 🙂
– Make Up and Hair-Do done by myself, as make up artist here pretty costly, about S$200-300 for ROM (only).. I never said i am very expert in make up, but at least i know how to make up my own face, so i rather save money and buy some make up stuff for myself.
Hair-Do just learnt from Youtube then voilaaa.. Done.. Although not perfect but at least proper for solemnization.. 🙂 
– Wedding Dress bought online.. So lovely right? Hehe, but currently belong to another bride, i sell it away.. ;p
– White Roses Bouquet from florist at Hougang Mall (forgot the name, haha) spent for S$80 for 10 nos of White Roses Bouquet.
– Wedding ring by Cartier
– Location : Fort Canning Park and ROM

Registry of Marriages
7 Canning Rise
Singapore 179869


  1. =) Hi there, just to check with you a little more to detail on ROM, i wonder anything to prepare? i checked from ROM website that i need to go for MOM regarding ROM? Is it true?

  2. Hi.. For my case, during my ROM i was holding Employment pass and my husband is PR , so we no need to get permission from MOM. You might need to report to MOM if one of you holding Work Permit..
    Hope this simple write up will help.. 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    Hi..can I know the price of photography package ?? If possible more detail pls.. Thanks

  4. Hello, i am not so sure about their rate now, perhaps you can contact them directly by e-mail, usually before the big day you can arrange a meeting with them to discuss about what kind of concept you want and they are pretty flexible.. Good luck.. 🙂

  5. Anonymous

    Hi!! May I ask what do you think of the solumnization at ROM itself? I'm planning to get solumnized there, but I read that it's super rushing and the room is really small. Also from your photo the solumnizer look quite uninterested? So can you share your experience ? 🙂 thanks in advance!!

  6. Hi, how do you report to Indonesian Embassy and Malaysian Embassy regarding the marriage? Do we need to make appointment first, or can just drop by? Any documents need to bring? Thank you!

  7. Hello, sorry for terribly late reply. you may refer to this link for reporting your marriage at indonesian embassy: As far as i know, no need appointment, but i think you have to come in the morning for document submission and collection in the afternoon after 2 days.

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