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Ciate Nail Polish Antique Brooch Review

Haha, in the middle of the night doing nail polish.. 
I can’t hardly wait to use this colour.. Ciate Nail Polish AntiQue Brooch 113.
Colour is like silverish gold, hmmm can say it’s gold swatch but not too gold and can say it’s a bit silverish maybe because of the blink blink.
This i put in one layer of nail polish.. In the picture looks not too intense but in actual colour quite good..
Then i add in one more layer of nail polish.. Hmm now pretty noticeable the intense of colour..

Yup, it’s Ciate Nail Polish AntiQue Brooch 113.

I give score 9/10..
Colour very nice, and the glitter are everywhere, not separated from the liquid.. Easy to apply, i can finish whole nail polishing process for only about 5 mins. The colour very intense and nail polish very quick dry.. I love it.. 🙂

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