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BBQ Party

13th July 2013

Today we went to BBQ party with my hubby colleagues at Balestier area.

I feel unwell bcoz of sore throat and coughing and my voice started to be very deep alrd (hopefully it will not missing).. And not “intent” to eat a lot.. Haha.. 
On the way, we were on mrt, taking snap secretly.. 
Melaleuca bracteata ‘gold’, like the colour of the leaves..
It’s me.. Hehe ^^
Bucida trees on frontage landscape of condominium.
In front of the condominium, wait my hubby colleague opened gate for us..
The pool not too big but just nice.. Love the view.. 
View of Balestier area from 12th storey roof terrace.. 
Another view of other condominium from 12th storey roof terrace.
The BBQ food: chicken wing, sausage, cheese meatball, fishball, satay, crabstick and otah.. 
The owner of that place so nice prepared the yummy and pretty strawberry cake for us.. <3 <3 <3
We saw nice view of fireworks on 12th storey roof terrace, that was for Singapore National Day rehearsal..  

During BBQ ate a lot of cheese meatball amd satay and the result now, coughing very bad.. Now on the way back home, i need to buy cough syrup and need rest.. Indeed..
Mybe just bcoz i never take seriously to sore throat and keep on eating fried stuff and oily foods, so now my coughing bcome very bad.. Oh no.. Hopefully my voice will not missing, really scared as few years ago i had bad coughing and my voice totally gone.. Unable to talk at all, even tried screaming also cannot.. T.T
What i really need is just REST.. @.@”

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