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[Visit_Singapore] Visit to Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum @ NUS

So recently we’ve been visiting a new places opened in Singapore. And this time we decided to explore west side of Singapore. We are visiting Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum @ NUS.
Why this museum? Hmmm because they have an iconic architecture. And of course we would like to take ootd too, lol..

The unique shape of building with patterned bare concrete finish and lush greenery.. 

Myself and the building.. 

Apparently those greenery species related to some stories on the display room where you can observe over the window from 2nd floor of the museum. Can you see those tiny windows?

Let me finish with my OOTD first.. 🙂

OOTD Detail:
– Heilidh High Collar Top from lovebonito
– Taylor Pleated Culottes from Thescarletroom
– Flat Shoes from H&M
– Bag from Maison Valentino

Building with minimum window opening.

Side mugshot. LOL!

Inside the museum, you will be greeted by this replica of Rafflesia flower. The journey started with the history of most primitive living creature, plants kingdom and continue to more complex creature at animal kingdom. Museum full of specimens..  

And the story start from the lowest kingdom: Plantae.

From the most simple and primitive plant system, like ferns and allies.


And continue to next kingdom: Animal. Start from the most primitive system, the corals, starfish, all echinoderms family.. Omg, i feel like remembering all those scientific name during my botany subject at school.

Spotted a pretty coral..

Dinosaur display at the center of the exhibition room. Every certain time they have laser show comes with dinosaur voices.

Shells and nautilus..

So pretty nautilus.. Remember fibonacci sequence!

Horseshoe crab and spiders.. We enter into insect family..

Insect families.

Spotted pretty moth.

Lovely and sweet colours..

Crab family..

Butterflies…<3 font="" nbsp=""><3 nbsp="" span=""><3 span="">

Insect family!


Giant Spider Crab.

Starfishes and Sea Urchins.

Amphibi Family… Frog..

Reptil family..

The plants observation, as i mention earlier.

The poster is like unrealted to display. LoL!

Spiral staircase lead to 2nd storey.

Orang Utan.

Mammal family.

And the highest of all animal is: Human.. In comparison to orangutan skeleton.

There are a few fossil display there too..

Those are only a few interesting display at the museum, but when you visit museum, you can explore more. We really spent a fruitful day at museum.. 🙂 
It’s really worth to visit with your family, especially for study introduction to kids.
Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

Faculty of Science, National University of Singapore

2 Conservatory Drive, Singapore 117377

Opening Hours: 10am to 7pm (Closed on Mondays)

Admission Prices: 
Local Residents Adult $16 | Children (3-12), students, Senior Citizens and NSFs $9

Standard Ticket Adult $21 | Child $13

*All prices are inclusive of $1 SISTIC booking fee.

*No sale of tickets at the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum. All tickets to be purchased from SISTIC, either online or through its authorized agents.

*NUS staff and students can enter for free, but are required to sign up online HERE.

Nearest MRT Station: Kent Ridge

Bus: 96, 151
Driving: Limited parking at the LKCNHM. More parking available at Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music and Raffles Hall.

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