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[Adv] Merry Christmas with ALFERO GELATO ~ 96% Free and Made with Free-Range Milk

Everybody’s favourite season is finally coming.. It’s festive season where all special things coming in, not forgetting on Christmas sweet stuff. If you still remember about Alfero Gelato that i share on my blog post few months ago, now they are happy to share this season festive joy with their four special flavours for Christmas!
• Mascarpone Pistachio
• Strawberry Cheese
• Cookies & Cream
• Salted Caramel

Recently crowned the Best Ice Cream Parlour by RAS Epicurean Star Award Singapore 2015, Alfero Gelato is made using only the finest quality ingredients imported from Italy and other parts of Europe.
Alfero Gelato is stored in pozzetto cabinets where exposure to light and air is greatly reduced, thus ensuring the smoothness and quality of the ice cream. Marco, the owner believes in serving only the best-tasting gelato to his customers, which is why he insists on keeping his gelato covered while on display (unlike other ice cream cafes which display their products in full glory while compromising on taste and texture of their creams).
This brave move and unique concept will certainly delight customers, as the difference is certainly unmistakable and almost impossible to miss. One taste of Alfero Gelato, you’d never want to keep it uncovered again.
This Christmas, Alfero Gelato is happy to share the season’s festive joy with you with the CHRISTMAS SUPERSTARS, their four special flavours!
Known for making their gelato 96% FAT FREE and with FREE-RANGE MILK, you can definitely indulge GUILT-FREE.
Flavour profiles:
• Mascarpone Pistachio
– Pistachio gelato is Alfero Gelato’s favourite among customers. For X’mas this year, they combine the rich flavour from pistachios with the full-bodied taste from mascarpone cheese to give the customers the best of both worlds!
• Strawberry Cheese
– Refreshing and tangy strawberries folded into a blend of creamy surprise with full-bodied mascarpone cheese.
• Cookies & Cream
– Who doesn’t love chocolates? And the combination of chocolate cookies and sweet cream is definitely one big winning gelato flavour.
• Salted Caramel
– A rather sultry dessert, we must say, smooth, creamy and delicious with the perfect balance between sweet and salty.
$5 per scoop (in a cup) for Mascarpone Pistachio (Premium flavour)
$7.50 for 2 scoops (in a cup) for Mascarpone Pistachio (Premium flavour)
$10 for 3 scoops (in a cup) for Mascarpone Pistachio (Premium flavour)

$4.50 per scoop (in a cup) for all the other 3 flavours
$6.50 for 2 scoops (in a cup) for all the other 3 flavours

$8.50 3 scoops (in a cup) for all the other 3 flavours

$17 for 400g tub for Mascarpone Pistachio (Premium flavour)
$15 for 400g tub for all the other 3 flavours
$21 for 500g tub for Mascarpone Pistachio (Premium flavour)
$18 for 500g tub for all the other 3 flavours
$39 for 1kg tub for Mascarpone Pistachio (Premium flavour)
$35 for 1kg tub for all the other 3 flavours
Couldn’t decide which one is the best flavour in my opinion. Guess which one is my favourite???
Answer is Strawberry Cheesecake because i like the savoury flavour from the cheese, and my second favourite is Salted Caramel again because the savoury flavour on it. Never thinking before that salt can make sweet stuff become more yummy.
My husband favourite is Pistachio gelato, he loves it to bits even tho he is not fan of dessert stuff.. LOL!
And both of us love the texture of gelato because they are very smooth and creamy, but amazingly 96% fat free. So we both can have it without feeling guilty.
Really love all the flavour from this X’mas series gelato from Alfero Gelato. Thank you #alferogelato for the yummy treats.
With outlets in MacPherson Lane and orchardgateway, gelato fans can look forward to more great tasting treats at ALFERO GELATO, so authentic, even the godfather approves of it!
All X’Mas Flavour available at Alfero Gelato outlets from 19th Dec onwards, while stocks last. 
Quickly go and get those special flavour gelato so you can serve to your guest during this festive season.

ALFERO GELATO is conveniently located at:
• 81 MacPherson Lane #01-37
• 277 Orchard Road #B2-06 orchardgateway

“You can’t buy joy, but you can buy gelato, it’s kinda the same” 🙂
Merry X’mas and Happy New Year, my lovely reader.. Hope you enjoy this festive season with beloved family and friends.


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