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[Media Invite] Le Halo @ Jalan Bukit Ho Swee

When first step into this cafe, it will remind you of the childhood time at Grandma house. This cafe is full of deco and those tiny knick-knacks. Perhaps like greeted us to a “HOME”, probably it’s related to their food concept, where they serve homemade dishes and comforting food.
This retro concept cafe is located at Jalan Bukit Ho Swee, just walking distance from Tiong Bahru MRT, They served few variant of toast match with their homemade dishes, indeed a nostalgic place to enjoy a meal. 
Foods are prepared by Chef Jimmy who graduated from At-Sunrice Global Chef Academy Singapore and completed his apprenticeship in Ritz Carlton Millenia, and Le Bistro Du Sommelier.
You can play around with stuff surrounding the cafe too.. 
Yap, bloggers are ready to snap food photos.
Vintage deco is everywhereee…
You can browse magazine and books too..
I am eyeeing for this Rainbow cake from the first time.. Can’t wait to have it for dessert.
Tuna Mushroom Melts
Price: $9.50
Melt your worries away with this retro comfort food. Tuna, mayonnaise, sauteed mushroom, bell pepper topped with mozarella cheese on toast and served with salad. The topping so creamy and match well with the toast.
Gryphon Tea
Melon and Mangosteen $6.50 per pot
The tea is very fragrant with soft melon flavour and a little bit sourness from mangosteen, refreshing!
Otak Egg
Price: $9.50
The famous Muar Otah with an egg sunny side-up on top of toast, served with salad and salsa. If you are looking some unique dishes, where east meet west, this is the answer. The otah is very yummy, suprisingly goes well with the toast.
Mini Pork Burger
Price: $12.50
Pork patty topped with homemade tomato sauce, cheese and bacon served with salad. Taste sweet and savoury..
What i like is the toast are crispy on the edges and soft/ “chewy” on center part.
Masala Chicken Curry
Price: $12.50
Tender chicken thigh in fragrant homemade masala sauce, served with toast. Dipped all the toast to curry sauce and have it with chicken, it’s really a comfort food. Remind me of my mom’s homemade curry.
Egg Benny 
Price: $14.50
Claimed as an Award Winning, this all-day breakfast favourite is done in 2 ways, poached egg with hollandaise sauce on fig and olive toast and a baked toast cup filled with ham and egg, topped with mozarella cheese served with green pea puree and salad.
Piggy Stew
Price: $13.00
One of customer’s favourite/ best seller at Le Halo is their signature Piggy Stew, it’s the slow cooked to full flavour with generous chunks of pork, served with 3 pieces of fingers of crispy buttered toast. 
Pork Cornetto/ Tuna Cornetto
Price: $9.50
Homemade cornet bread with choice of tuna mayo or slow cooked shredded pork in tomato and red wine sauce. Served with salad.
Mushroom Carbonara
Price: $14.50
Sauteed mushroom, bacon bits and topped with poached egg and shaved parmesan cheese. I love this pasta, it’s very creamy and tasty, everything is just right, somemore if you break and mix the egg into pasta..
Meatball Pasta
Price: $14.50
Homemade meatball with tomato sauce pasta. Perhaps this dish need a bit of fine tune, it’s rather cheese flavour instead of tomato. The cheese flavour a bit overkill the tomato sauce, but overall i enjoyed the homemade meatball.
Dessert Time!!!

Rainbow Cake
Price: $6.50
Might need a fine tuning for dessert too, the rainbow cake is average, but i still can enjoy it.
Chocolate Cake
This one suprisingly taste much better than the look, lol.. Love the soft cake and thick chocolate flavour and biterness from cocoa powder.
Rainbow Lapis
Not so bad, it’s pretty looking, but i still prefer traditional/ original flavour of Kueh Lapis.

Overall.. I really enjoyed had a good food at Le Halo. Thanks @eatwithroy for organizing the event and Le Halo Cafe for the invite. I love the concept of food with a bit of local twist as well as vintage concept of the cafe.

Le Halo

Blk 4 Jalan Bukit Ho Swee #01-162, Singapore 162004 

(10 min walk from Tiong Bahru MRT)
Tel: +65 97368087
Opening Hours: 10:30am – 6pm (Mon, Wed, Thurs), 10:30am – 9pm (Fri, Sat) Closed Tues

“Part of the secret of a success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside.” – Mark Twain


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