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I wish i was a mermaid..

I wish i was a mermaid.. Just becoz i LOVE to swim NOW.. 
I spent my whole weekend with swimming.. Each day around 20laps and i still feel that’s not enough.. Swimming is very enjoyable, beside Yoga and Pilates.. 
(Pssstttt.. I hate to go gym!)
I think my body get used to very “soft” type of exercise..
And i wish i can swim everyday, wish i can manage my time wisely and DO what I LOVE an what I WANT everyday.. 
Honestly, during childhood i can’t even swim, only able to watch my father swim very pro while i just played around on kidz pool.. 
For very long time i wish to be able to swim.. Then in secondary school, i need to have ability to swim juz bcoz swimming is compulsory for everybody.. 
Still in my mind, first time i learnt swim in very deep pool, 3.0m depth, at first i was worrying myself drowned into deep pool. But at the end, i found deeper pool easier and lighter for ur body to move.. A swim coach in public swimming pool taught me how to swim (for free!!!).. Thanks to him, until now i still remember the way he teach me to swim and told me do not afraid to the depth.. 
Since then.. Until NOW! I really love to swim.. I can even spend my whole day in swimming pool.. Keep on swimming.. And dancing inside the water.. Feel so relax and enjoyable.. 
To those people who can’t swim..
I feel sorry.. You may not enjoy how lovely underwater is! You may not have chance to straighten ur backbone while dancing in the water.. And even worse.. You might not have chance how to survive when one day this island is sinking down.. hohoho!!!
Anyway, just wanna say I LOVE SWIMMING!!!!! And HOW I WISH I WAS A MERMAID and spend my whole life in the water and enjoy underwater life..

Hmmm… Next challenge: should learn how to DIVE also.. 🙂

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