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Losing weight..

Well lately i am so happy.. :’D (big smile, big grin!!!)

It is an achievement to lose weight around 10kg within 3-4 months..
Since i was staying in Singapore, earn my own salary πŸ™‚ and working as professional, i was putting on weight, 10kg within 3 months..

Sadly found all my jeans were not able to fit anymore and all my clothes are super tight on my body.. With height only 160cm, weight at that time about 60kg, i was such a PIG.. T.T big thigh, butt and big arms..

I went for yearly medical check up, everything was normal doctor said, but the only one not normal is my
WEIGHT.. it is almost overweight… Whatttt???

Ok then i tried many things to diet, eat salad for lunch is the saddest part of my weight management journey.. Well actually at first i was taking some pills to lose some weight due to desperation and preparing for marriage on last Dec 2012.. My weight drop from 60kg to 56kg for the Bali wedding.. But now i never take pills anymore but still able to lose weight.

I keep on dieting after Bali wedding for another customary wedding dinner at my hubby’s hometown, Kuala Lumpur, then my weight drop from 56kg into 52kg.. After that i was keep on losing weight and now on my 50kg.. Wishing to lose somemore 5 kg :). My dream ideal weight is 45kg.. Haha hope able to reach.. I can maintain my eating habit now and i always track my calories using app on iPhone, easier to control if you are eating too much..

My calories control everyday is only 1200calories

Share with you.. Here is my daily food menu:
Breakfast: yogurt and watermelon
Lunch: Fish Kailan with half cup of Rice or a bowl of Fish Soup or Salad
Dinner: Popiah 1 roll or 1/4 cup of Brown Rice with Vegetable and tofu

Exercise: Swimming 10 laps or 15 laps or even 20 laps during weekend..

To every girls who struggling to lose weight, just keep on fighting, there is no miracle on losing weight, the key is “self-control” and discipline to do healthy way living. It is not about maintaining beauty or body, but it is about maintaining your mental pshychologically. And as well as preparing for your future.. Healthy body less disease.. πŸ™‚

Good luck and all the best..

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