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Live your life to its fullest.. :)

Today so many ppl posting about encouragements.. Brighten up my early morning when i step out from home and went to work.. 
Just be grateful, every morning always say thank you to God.. and always pray today will always be better than yesterday.. And wishing tomorrow will always be better than today.. 
When problem come on work, i only can try to do my best to solve it.. I know i am still not that experience on project, but i am keen to learn and improve myself to understand more things.. Currently i am doing quite big local project with project team mostly senior/ experience people, everyday i just trying to understand and learn more, pushing myself to limit of what i can do.. 
I know sometimes i can do something wrong.. But i believe that is the point of becoming better person.. “Learning from mistake”.. 
Anyway so far i am happy with what am i doing/ my work, but sometimes i feel quite boring and thinking will i always become an employee FOREVER?!!!
Hmm mybe this time i change my life.. I can reach my own dream and do what i love.. Aaaahhh.. Thinking and thinking so hard.. @.@” 
Ok will start to do something that able to CHANGE my life… 
Start with blogging perhaps..
I am very talkative, love to share, love to review, love to eat, love to try new things, love to travel everywhere, dare to hv something different, and love trying something new and something more adventurous!!! 
Yap.. Wish my blog will grow and hv a lot of readers.. Even i am just starting a week-2 weeks but wish my blog have a benefit for every person who read it.
I love to be inspiring person.. 
Or online business perhaps..
Bcoz i love wedding and keen on every single detail on bridal stuff, so i am trying to sell wedding dresses, evening dresses, wedding accessories and other wedding creativity.. I am very happy to do it.. Will share next time on my blog as well.. 
Btw my wedding page (if you are interested): 

YuniQue Wedding

Currently have a few wedding dress and accessories buyer.. But will do more snd more and hope attract more buyers.. Q.Q
Anyway my quote for today:
Love your life and live it into the fullest, be meaningfull.. 
Every person is unique and precious.. No FAIL person, it is only LAZY person.. 

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