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Saturday Bright Day

Saturday 06 July 2013..

Today so bright, but i wake up late haha.. Late to go swimming this morning so i will shifted to this evening..

What a lovely crochet top.. <3 p=””>My outfit of the day.. 🙂

– Crochet top from taobao
– Hot pants tropical prints from Zara
And behind is my hubby LOL.. ^.^

We went to Pizza Hut at Hougang Mall for our lunch..

 Chicken cream soup.. Creamy soup with few chunks of chicken inside..

 We order Caesar Salad, inside got a lot of Turkey, bacon and cheese!!! Nyummi…

We order Smokey Chicken Pan Pizza.. 
Smokey chicken breast, roasted chicken, pineapple bits, mushrooms, onions, green capsicums with alfredo base sauce
With abundant of mozarella cheese..

 My eating style, add in cheese powder, lots of dry chili and tabasco.. @.@

After came back from lunch, we took bus to our home.. Sky really BLUE!!!
Saw this big long kang (-monsoon drain) opposite of our place.. Haha really never saw this before since a year plus staying here. It’s just at the back  of bus stop there is PCN (Park Connector Network), can read about the detail at Nparks PCN.

Myself photo and Iro-LeSucre Bunny..

Haaa.. Today finish 13laps of swimming finally..
And my food diary today!!!

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