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[Beauty Review] Flawless Skin with SkinLab’s Salicylic Acid Peel Facial

Frankly speaking, when first i hear about facial, i will always imagine about how pain it is (as per what people said) as well as facial will make your pore bigger and your skin will get addicted into facial products. Well, my mind always feel skeptic about facial.. So actually i never go for facial at all since.. when i …

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[Collaboration] LED Teeth Whitening at Lush Aesthetics

Having a perfect smile is very important for me as a fashion blogger, thus i really need to maintain my teeth well. Even tho i am not smoking or drink coffee (yah! now you know!), teeth will still have tendency to become yellowish.  But now.. Having a bright smile is not a dream anymore..  Spend hours to go dentist twice …

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