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[Collaboration] LED Teeth Whitening at Lush Aesthetics

Having a perfect smile is very important for me as a fashion blogger, thus i really need to maintain my teeth well. Even tho i am not smoking or drink coffee (yah! now you know!), teeth will still have tendency to become yellowish. 

But now.. Having a bright smile is not a dream anymore.. 
Spend hours to go dentist twice a year is not enough. But i was so lucky to have a chance trying this LED teeth whitening. 
Paid a visit to Lush Aesthetics for my first time (ever!) LED Teeth Whitening, i was super excited as they said i was able to get visible result immediately after treatment.. So amazing right? So it’s mean i don’t need to wait or do a lot of treatments to get the result, it’s instant. 
There were a consultation prior to the treatment to inform the customer in detail about the step by step procedure and to advise on your specific personal conditions. So before you go into the treatment room, the aesthetician will bring you to the consultation room. 
They will check your teeth colour/ shade before treatment with so called colour chart template which you have to pick a few and match with your own teeth colour. As you can see my teeth shade before is S26 for upper teeth S33 and S28 for lower teeth. They will compare again this template with the teeth’s shade after treatment.


LED Teeth Whitening technology which uses a non-peroxide gel and provides a quick effective, painless and non-invasive solution for a bright white smile.

Our teeth suffers discolorations from various factors – aging, smoking, coffee stains, wine stains and medication. The LED Teeth Whitening brightens and lightens your teeth dramatically in less than an hour. 99% of customers achieved 5 – 8 shades lighter less than an hour.

The LED Teeth Whitening system is suitable for people with sensitive teeth. It is safe and effective with no damage to teeth enamel or structure.

Treatment Room

They will prepare the room before treatment started. And when you come into the treatment room, there is a bed for the customer to lay on during treatment. And there is also a small side table to place treatments products.

The process involves applying a non-peroxide whitening gel on your teeth. Subsequently, the LED light will activate the whitening gel which would then whiten and brighten your teeth. The upper and lower teeth are treated at the same time. No heat, no needles, and no drills are used during the procedure.

The aesthetician will first give you mouth wash to gargle, to cleanse your mouth as well as putting on some vaseline onto your lips to keep your lips well moisturized. First they will place a mouth guard/ mouth opener which you’ll need to bite on tight during the treatment process. After that, they will put gum protector which transform from liquid into solid on gum (shown as blue colour on picture). 

Then, she will put a thick layer of non-peroxide teeth whitening gel onto the teeth before the LED light is shone on the mouth as shown in the picture below. 

During the treatment, I’ve experienced warmness from the LED light so the vaseline is really important in protecting your lips from cracking due to the heat. If the heat from the light is too much for you, please do highlight it to the aesthetician and they do the appropriate adjustments for you. 
1 session is 20 minutes. I was doing 2 session therefore it will take about 40 minutes for the whole process to be done. Countdown timer is shown on the screen hence I am able to know how long more does it take for the treatment to be done. So during that 40 minutes, you will be feeling uncomfortable on your mouth (i can say it’s more to feeling tired because opening your mouth too big, lol!)
A bell is also given for me to ring, in case of any emergency but don’t worry because the  aesthetician will have the tendency to check on me every 20 mins interval.
At the end of the treatment, all you need to do is to rinse off the whitening gel from your mouth and carry on with your daily activities. 🙂

Then here we go to the colour chart template again. After treatment, the aesthetician will bring you again to consultation room to compare the result. Surprise! My teeth become whiter from S26 for upper teeth S33 and S28 for lower teeth becoming S14 for upper teeth and S16 and S18 for lower teeth. And the result is visible when you saw your own teeth. Well, not only myself who realize it, my colleague also asking how come my teeth becoming brighter. Thanks to Lush Aesthetics. 🙂



Do take note that during the first 3 days after treatment to avoid food and beverages that may stain your teeth, for examples curry, tea, coffee, artificially colored food and red wine.

Now, having a BIG smile is no longer a problem with my bright teeth.. 🙂

Note: Results are long term and can last for years depending on your lifestyle habits.

Get your added self-confidence with a bright while smile today at LUSH Aesthetics!

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