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Part Time Job/ Internship in Singapore Part 1

As a student, during school holiday what is your plan?

Spending for holiday for sure will burn a hole on your pocket. Or if you would like to earn some pocket money perhaps you can try finding a part time jobs in Singapore

I still remember last time during school holiday i looked for part time job, well maybe a bit too idealistic when i was looking for specific job similar to my study subject (Landscape Architecture) which is very rare and speciality specific. But during that time i was lucky enough to find a suitable part-time jobs due to lecturer’s recommendation. That time, some friends still flipping through newspapers or even walk-in to ask for job availabilities. Because it’s simply not easy to find the specific part time job to suit you, most of available vacancy were being informed by mouth to mouth.

However, nowadays where all the information we need are global, we are more exposed to online platform where you can find information by just asking Google. I believe there are many online job portals that evolve throughout the years to generate more exposure and opportunities for people from all around the world to search for jobs.

Introduced you is an online portal for part time jobs singapore where students get the opportunity to easily access to the companies information and do a research before applying through online. 

This benefits those who are seeking for part time job during school holidays. They will have better understanding of the organization background and job scope before deciding to apply. In, there are part-time jobs categories where you can click into the link that leads you to the current listings. There are part time jobs for students as well.

You can browse thru all available work on the website, below are the example..

For myself, part time job is very important because it’s a stage of preparation into a “real” working world where you face with actual condition where people are really working. When seeking a part time position, be sure to take into account your other commitments, so that you can inform the potential employer of your availability. Part time positions can sometimes work their way into full time work, depending on the structure of the company. If you are looking for full time employment, sometimes taking a part time position is a good way to get your foot in the door, so to speak. It can be a way to gain the experience necessary for full time employment, and also a way to show an employer your commitment in the workplace.

Part time opportunities give you insight to the company and the field in which you are working. The organization provides the job scope for full time opportunities where you can have on-the-job training. With the experience through the part time journey, you are able to translate them as an advantage to boost your employment or career that you wish to focus on. Also, once you are in the job, you are able to find out the true passion and fields that you wish to pursue.

So are you ready for WORK???

You can browse website to choose your part time jobs so that you can have a better idea on how to apply the best for yourself.

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