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[Beauty Review] Flawless Skin with SkinLab’s Salicylic Acid Peel Facial

Frankly speaking, when first i hear about facial, i will always imagine about how pain it is (as per what people said) as well as facial will make your pore bigger and your skin will get addicted into facial products. Well, my mind always feel skeptic about facial.. So actually i never go for facial at all since.. when i was born.. (had to believe right?)

As lately due to concern about my skin condition because i am taking a lot of portraiture photography and of course i always want my skin on the perfect condition. Then my mind started to change when some friends shared with me that SkinLab Medical Spa Facial is really save for skin and very relaxing. Tempted? Yes! since i never try to do facial.. In the end i gave it a try.. And it’s an experience that i’ve never regretted. The facial was really good… 🙂
Sharing my experience for trying SkinLab’s Salicylic Acid Peel Facial. Happy reading!

About SkinLab The Medical Spa
SkinLab The Medical Spa integrates the pampering, attentive yet unobtrusive service of a world-class spa with the most advanced of aesthetics techniques and cosmetic dermatology. In this facility, we create non-invasive, non-surgical, safe and effective beauty solutions to treat mind, body and soul.

Medical Spa has built a reputation of excellence by providing treatments to consistently high standards. The beauty therapists have a minimum of five years experience both locally and abroad and have certified training. They also undergo continuous weekly assessments and on-the-job training. The edge that sets SkinLab The Medical Spa apart from others comes not just from the wellresearched, latest technological machines that we provide and the top-grade products carried here. It also comes from the in-house tailored treatments and the well-trained therapists and consultants whose knowledge help every individual client find the treatment that will best meet her that will best meet her needs.

My SkinLab’s Salicylic Acid Peel Facial
Before start the facial, the beauty therapist will asking about the skin condition and medical record as well as analyze the skin condition from the face. At that point of time, my skin was not in a good condition, it looks oily and my pimples were everywhere (due to pre-menstural syndrome).

The beauty therapist in charge is ready to take care my skin.. 🙂

Once you come to the therapy room, feeling so cozy like having a spa in a resort with white orchid deco. 
And before start treatment, have to change the outfit to strapless robe, because the therapist will also do massage on neck and shoulders.
Therapist start the treatment with the gentle massage on my shoulders and neck. It was sooooo relaxing and the therapist hands are super smooth.. 

She also done some massage on my forehead and overall head.. Feel really good!

After the starter massage, she started to remove my make up and clean my face.

She was really very gentle and carefully remove the dirt from my eyes.

Yup, my face started to clean from make up..

And she applied the cleanser.. Can you see that my face shown some “enjoyment” while the therapist massaging cleanser on my both cheeks.. :O
After finished removed my make up and cleaned my face, the therapist analyzed my skin again. At this moment is without make up so the true skin feature able to observe. She was saying that even tho my collagen is very good but i have problem on pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Actually both are my biggest problem so far and those a very tough to remove. The therapist was saying if i do facial regulary will help to reduce those problem.
Then the therapist were applying their signature Salicylic Acid Peel Facial. At first application, i can feel tingling sensation. Then after 15mins becoming a slight itchy feeling.
After cleaning the chemical, she started to extract blackheads and pimples on my face. I can say it was a bit painful for awhile. But after that ok already as she also help to “comfort” the skin by gentle tap after removing the pimples.

The therapist applying the eye cream to soothe my dark circle area.

After that the last one, she was applying cooling mask.. The purpose of the mask is for hydrating purpose and also to reduce the redness from the extraction.

Don’t be scared.. That was me.. LOL!

Then.. After clean up the mask, she was giving me another gentle massage on eyes and face. Feel so relaxing.. 

And VOILA! My bare face.. LOL! Feel so refresh after facial..

Really enjoyed my facial session at Skin Lab.. My skin looks glowing after the treatment.. And the skin feel so soft.. 🙂
About Salicylic Acid Peel Facial
What is the benefit of this Salicylic Acid Peel Facial?
1. It is a superior exfoliate that improves the appearance of ageing and sun-damaged skin. 
Salicylic Acid Peel Facial is the new generation facial treatment for improving the appearance of the skin. 
2. For those suffering from acne and oily skin, this peel is a highly effective treatment as it acts as an anti-inflammatory which helps to immediately reduce the inflammation of the acne.
Salicylic Acid Peel Facial breaks down the protein bonds between the layers of skin. It is oil-soluble and lipophilic so it penetrates sebum filled follicles and helps to unclog pores, loosen and lift out blackheads, even out skin tone, and prevent future outbreaks.
3. Effective in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and improving overall facial texture because it exfoliates both the skin surface and within pores. 
4. Salicylic Acid Peel Facial can help exfoliate your skin and reveal the healthy, new skin underneath. 
Salicylic Acid Peel Facial blends powerful skin exfoliation with skin soothing actions. It has ultraviolet absorbing properties that help to protect the skin from the damaging effects of the sun. It can be used more frequently than the other peels without much risk for irritation. 
5. Salicylic Acid Peel Facial gets rid of surplus sebum, bacteria and inflammation from deep inside the pores of the skin. It attacks the systematic core causes of skin problems, specifically acne. It also fights fungus and yeast. Overall it improves skin texture, tone, clearness and quality. 
Salicylic acid is one of the most effective ingredients to combat the cause offacial oil, acne and blemishes, as well as providing an excellent rejuvenation addition and alternative to Glycolic.

Salicylic Acid Peel Facial can treat all of the following for nearly all skin tones and textures: 
· oily skin 
· acne 
· blackheads 
· whiteheads 
· fine lines
· premature ageing 
· uneven skin tone 

Price: $268 for 90 mins

Further information on the website: 

SkinLab Medical Spa 

#04-04 Wheelock Place Tel: 6235 3246

#03-33 Plaza Singapura Tel: 6336 1106

#B1-62 Jurong Point Tel: 6316 2556 / 6316 2246

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