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[Healthy Lifestyle] Super Food Workshop at Eden’s Kitchen

Nowadays as people are getting busy on their daily activity affecting their food intake. Many of people choose the fast and easy food for their daily meal. But as you know, most of those food ingedients are not healthy and not good for long term consumption. After that coming up the healthy life concept, where people starting to consume healthy food, so called “super food”. 
As you know i am a fan of healthy food. They are not only benefit into your health, it is also to your appearance. Starting from my green juice routine, if you remember i shared some healthy food recipe on my previous post, here, here and here.
I was lucky enough to join sharing session about few super food products at Eden’s Kitchen. It was a very fun and very informative session where the people behind those super food products sharing their knowledge and experience. 

Eden’s Kitchen Organic Coconut Sugar
Sugar that nourishes? Yes! Try this low-GI organic Coconut Palm Sugar from Eden’s Kitchen. It is the perfect substitute to refined sugar as it is au naturale and does not cause your blood sugar levels to spike. 
Highly fragrant with a very fine texture, Eden’s Kitchen organic Coconut Sugar is great for coffee, smoothies, oats, muesli and ideal for baking. It also contains a variety of minerals such as prebiotics, zinc, potassium, iron essential for nourishment and a healthy gut.
100% Coconut Sugar and free of colouring, preservatives. Suitable for diabetics and the gluten-intolerant.

Not only sharing information, they also sharing some recipe. Love this chia seed puding with brown sugar and matcha.. Super yummy and of course is very healthy.

Beeline Organic Sencha Green Tea

Beeline Organic Sencha Tea is a unique Organic Green Tea to be brewed with Special Care!
Incredible concern and attention goes into growing and harvesting the Beeline Sencha Organic Tea Leaves in this packet. That is why it bears the JONA seal authorized by Japan’s Organic and Natural Foods Association. Tea can truly be a ceremony when it is Beeline Sencha, carefully selected, steeped and sipped.

For a delicate aroma and taste:
Bring water to a boil and allow to settle for 2 minutes.
Put 2 tablespoons of Sencha Tea Leaves into a 15 fl oz ceramic, stone or clay tea pot. Then infuse boiled water into the Tea pot.
Let it steep for 1 minute, and then serve immediately.
For an even stronger taste and aroma that lingers, using the same tea leaves, let the tea simmer and steep for three minutes.

Nuts About Butter, The Almond Butter
Every bottle of Nuts About Butter is packed-full with the goodness and nutrients that come from the almond nuts. The almond are baked clean (not roasted with oil) without added preservatives. A tinge of sea salt and raw honey is added to accentuate the flavour of the almond nuts. 
The 3 signature version are: Almond Original, Almond Macadamia and Almond Sesame.
The products are gluten free, vegan and diabetic friendly. Free from preservatives, added sugar and oil.
I love almonds, a lot. Been started eating raw almonds since 4 years ago. When first tasting this butter, they are soooo yummy and taste as savoury as peanut butter. I can say this is a healhtier choice of “peanut butter”. 
About Anaya
Anaya is a brand of Singapore. Our Trigona honey is a unique and rare honey that is produced in very limited quantities by tiny stingless bees. Our Trigona honey is sourced from outreach projects and small communities that promote and practice sustainable farming methods through beekeeping. The bee colonies thrive on the nectar of over 30 varieties of plants and herbs – including Coconut, Echinacea, Agave, Vanilla, Roselle and Basil – that grow in our gardens.

The nectar is then store in their hives uniquely made from bees wax and plant resin, which infuses the Trigona honey with beneficial propolis. Through the process of extraction, the Trigona honey is also infused with bee pollen.

The end result is a medicinal honey suitable for apitherapy – filled with high antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties, while retaining its phytonutrients, vitamins and enzymes – that nourishes and strengthen the immune system. Making this a must have in every home.

About Trigona Honey

Anti-Microbial – almost equivalent to UMF 25+

Trigona bees keep honey in storage pots built of cerumen – which is a made of wax secreted from the glands on the abdomen of workers, combined with propolis which is derived from resins collected from plants. Therefore the honey is influenced by the infiltration of the propolis content. On the other hand, Apinae honeybees keep the collected honey in hexagon combs, which are built purely of wax alone. Propolis is only used to seal the extra space between the nest and cavity; as a result the honey of Apinae honeybees is not affected by propolis during storage. 

In a 2007 research study conducted by Japanese scientist lead by the Kanazawa University Graduate School of Medical Science, using the same methodology for measuring UMF – found that the anti-bacterial activity of stingless honeybees is powerful even when compared to manuka honey.

Benefit from consuming Trigona Honey:

  • Boosts the immune system 
  • Alleviates allergic reactions
  • Boosts the body’s metabolism
  • Prevents & treats colds/influenza
  • Heals inflammations and infections 
  • Fights free radicals and reduce signs of ageing
  • Boosts one’s intake of essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes

When first trying this honey, i can taste its sourness. It’s pretty different than other honey in the market. Trigona honey contains pollen due to the extraction process, and depending on the type of flowers the bees visit, the type and taste of the pollen varies. Certain seasons and different communities can lead to the honey varying in sourness. If you are allergic to bee pollen, do avoid consuming this product. 

​The texture of the honey is watery. In case you are wondering, Trigona honey is not diluted with water. The honey from stingless bee species Meliponines are very liquid naturally. You will also notice that unlike honey from the Apis Mellifera species (which are commonly fed syrup), Trigona honey isn’t cloyingly sweet. 

What’s make this trigona honey is so special is not only sourced socially responsibly, but it has high antimicrobial properties similar to Manuka – but at a more affordable price. Also due to the variety of flora the bees go to, you get the benefits of many plants such as coconut, echinacea, agave, etc.

Pili Nuts, Super Food, Super Delicious

Besides amazing superfood nutritional value Pili nuts are also having crisp creamy flavour. 

These pili nuts are suitable to snack on even when managing diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood pressure.
  • Wild grown in volcanic sold free of synthetic fertilisers and pesticides, and GMO-free.
  • Pre-sprouted means more nutrients are activated and phytic acid is removed
  • Dehydrated to keep it raw and lock in nutrients and precious enzymes..
  • By-hand to minimise any impact to the environment, and provide livelihoods.
  • Has the second highest Magnesium content of any food for a healthy heart, positive moods, better sleep, energy metabolism,reduces blood pressure and cholestrol, and prevents diabetes type 2.
  • Filled with Vitamin B1 & B6 (more energy, healthier eye, heart and brain)
  • Rich in essential Omega 6 & 9 fatty acids (antioxidants)
  • Has all 8 essential amino acids (better skin, sleep, liver detox, healthy sugar levels)
  • Filled with Manganese (better metabolism, antioxidant, healthy bones)

Frankly speaking when first trying this nuts, i feel so familiar. Well i just realized when googled about this nuts. It was the same nuts that my mum always picked up for me during our morning jogging and remind me of her homemade cake. In Indonesia we called this nuts is “Kenari”.
Pili Pushers product come in three flavour to suits your preference: Unsalted Pili Nuts, Cinnamon and Raw Honey Pili Nuts, Ginger and Turmeric Pili Nuts.
My favourite is the Unsalted Pili Nuts.. Yummm! 🙂

Superfood recipe — see the board! 🙂

Further info, you may visit:

Eden’s Kitchen
5 Everton Park #01-34 Singapore 080005
P: (+65) 6100 9507
Opening hours are from 11am to 5pm on Weekdays and 10am to 2pm on the first and third Saturdays of each month.

Nuts About Butter
Facebook page: Nuts About Butter

Pili Pushers


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