[Food] 8 Crabs – Crab and Seafood Delivery Singapore
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[Food] 8 Crabs – Crab and Seafood Delivery Singapore

At the convenience of our own home,  these sumptuous and mouth watering food are delivered to our doorstep  steaming hot. For two of us , we ordered the signature Chili Crab paired with Steamed Mantous, Prawn Roll (Ngoh Heong), Sweet and Sour Pork, Prawn Paste Chicken and Sambal Kang Kong.


This award-winning Chili Crab is chef recommendation, using fresh Premium Sri Lankan Wild Catch Crab. The crab are definitely much bigger, juicer and tastier, and free of ammonia or other metal taste.  We also found the gravy is in prefect balance of savoury, sweet, salty and spicy. It’s perfect dipping with the Fried Mantous !


The Prawn Roll (Ngoh Heong) was a great appetiser with chili sauce. The super crispy fried bean curd roll with prawn fillings in it, taste heavenly in mouth. It definitely has waken up our taste buds and ready for next dish !

Next is Sweet and Sour Pork, our favourite comfort food. The chunky pork are very crispy and juicy tender, coated with appetising sweet and sour sauce. Simple and homey dish !

Our another favourite dish is the irresistible Prawn Paste Chicken ! The golden chicken winglet fried into perfection, crispy skin and flavourful in every bite we took.

The freshness of KangKong with sambal and Hae Bee Hiam make this dish very fragrant and delicious. The crunchy vegetable gave us great satisfaction completing the meal.



We ordered small size for all the dishes but they came with much bigger portion than we expected, it definitely can satisfy at least 3 hungry adults ! Although the food were delivered to our home, but they taste as good as dining in and all still very warm! It really gave us great satisfaction enjoying the delicious meal at the convenience of our own home.

The ingredients were fresh and cooked with high standard and reasonably priced. We will definitely order again and try some other great dishes in 8Crabs and recommend 8Crabs to all my seafood lover friends!  For those who prefer not to dine in during this Covid-19 period, 8Crabs must be your choice of seafood delivery.

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