[Beauty] Post Pregnancy Care – Post Natal Massage Singapore Review
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[Beauty] Post Pregnancy Care – Post Natal Massage Singapore Review

Holistic approach is something i’ve been looking for when it comes to post pregnancy care. Beside following belief on healing throughout the confinement meal, i also trust traditional massage as post pregnancy care as well as jamu (traditional herbal) treatment for recovery as well as helping to bring back body in shape.

From social media, i found out that Post Natal Singapore (PNSG) offering Post pregnancy care in Singapore (Post Natal Massage service). In need for relaxation as well as post natal healing, i decided to engage them for 7 sessions post natal massage package.

PNSG are known as post natal massage home service provider, so all of their  services are home-based. Basically they will assigned therapist based on their designated areas to visit your home at your own convenience. You can ask them to arrange according to your schedule.

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Why Do You Need Post Pregnancy Care?

Here are few benefit of Post Natal Massage:

  • Tone Your Body Back Into Shape – After childbirth, postpartum mothers often desire to get back their pre-pregnancy body. With the unique massage technique and ingredients of post natal slimming massage, it helps new mothers to reduce water retention in specific areas such as the tummy and thighs. Blood circulation enhances with postnatal massage to help burn body fat faster.
  • Promotes Better Sleep – New mothers will be weak and exhausted after the process of childbirth. Postnatal massage therapy can help postpartum mothers to ease tiredness by promoting relaxation to enhance sleep quality. It is also proven that postnatal massage can greatly help muscle tension, increase blood circulation and stress reduction for new mothers.
  • Improves Lactation – Postnatal massage therapy relaxes muscles in breastfeeding mothers which naturally helps to lower their stress hormones, increase blood circulation and decreases the swelling. Automatically this will clear the engorgements and increase their breast milk supply as their blocked ducts are cleared.
  • Reduces Post Surgeries Swellings – Mothers who go through surgeries and suffer from post delivery will feel more comfortable with postnatal massage as it helps to ease sore spots and relaxes muscle tension particularly on the abdomen, lower back & hip area. It also helps mothers to release the stiffness caused by incorrect latching position.
  • Improves Womb Recovery – Childbirth delivery changes a mother’s wellbeing entirely. Postnatal massage helps to encourage the discharge of lochia, pelvic positions and improve the abdominal organs to be positioned as it used to be.

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My Experience with Post Natal Massage Singapore (PNSG)

Due to COVID-19, PNSG only allowed to resume their massages on Phase 2 opening which is around mid June 2020, it was just nice for me because i had emergency c-section and post natal slimming massage only recommended on my 3rd week postpartum. But if you have normal delivery, you can start post pregnancy care and slimming massage earlier, on day 10 postpartum.

Met Auntie Sue, she is my therapist throughout all my massage sessions with PNSG. She is very friendly and attentive throughout the massage session. She always making sure i am comfortable with the massage pressures. We had a lot of conversations about how to take care body pos pregnacy as well as taking care baby.


For massage preparation, i need to prepare a bed and prepare 2 large towels and 2 smaller towels. They will be providing a bedsheet protector to help protect the bed from being stained by the massage oil.

Prior to massage session, it’s recommended to take some light food at least one hour before and take a shower before the massage starts for hygiene reason.


There are 8 steps on each session of post natal slimming massage.

(images and details credits to PNSG website)

Post pregnancy care

On the first massage session, i felt that my body was very bloated, Auntie Sue managed to help me expel the winds from my abdomen area. My body feel so much “lighter” and i had better sleep at night just after the first massage session.

At the end of massage sessions, i felt that my waist area tighten a bit and my weight had reduced around 3kgs. I managed to fit into some of my old clothes too. However, due to my c-sect, the therapist unable to massage the area with incision as it still have swelling internally. But that’s okay, eventually it will tighten over the time.


One special thing on post natal massage at PNSG is the belly binding process called “bengkung” in Malay, this is popular way to wrap the abdomen postpartum to promote healing and provide warmth. It supports to help shrink the stomach while vital organs return to their pre-pregnancy size and position. Before binding, Auntie always apply Tapel oil which helps to warm the belly area to expel wind, promote blood circulation and burn excessive fats.


As you can see, belly binding is very tight and i had to wear this for 6 hours and remove it before taking bath. But i love the warm feeling of Tapel oil applied on my belly.

One thing i like, at the end of the massage, Auntie always apply Pilis on my forehead, i love the smell, which helps me to relax and relieve my headache.


At one of massage session, Auntie Sue also shared on how to massage baby Kai. Baby massage helps to relax baby for better sleep and good for baby’s blood circulation as well. I always practice the baby massage every day now after baby take bath.


If you engage PNSG for your Post Pregnancy Massage service, they will give the followings, which already included into the package.

Post natal slimming


If you are asking me whether Post Natal Massage really help to bring back pre-pregnancy figure, i would say it varies on individual condition. In my opinion, i believe that Post Natal Massage is good to heal your postpartum body after delivery and help your body to relax.

For slimming wise, i would say it will take a bit of time, there is no instant thing, so everything still need hardwork if you want to get back to pre-pregnancy figure. As a new mom, i feel that we shouldn’t be stress out about that and being hard to ourself, for now we have to take care ourself and having nourising meal especially when we are breasfeeding.

If you are keen to engage their service, here is the pricing for PNSG‘s Post Natal Massage Package.

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Beside Post Natal Massage, they also provide the service for Pre Natal Massage.

Further detail and booking may refer to their website:





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