28 Days Tian Wei Signature Confinement Food Singapore Review
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28 Days Tian Wei Signature Confinement Food Singapore Review

Due to unfortunate situation during Covid-19, i was unable to get proper confinement treatment as planned before and it was difficult to find last minute confinement nanny to help us cook proper confinement meals. My relative or family member unable to come over to help too due to travel restriction. We left with no choice to do DIY confinement after delivery.

I was so grateful when Tian Wei Signature approached me to try their 28 days confinement food after delivery. If you haven’t heard about Tian Wei Signature, it’s an award winning confinement food caterer, or also commonly referred to as “tingkat”. (Tingkat is referring to tiered chinese lunchbox that can pack several food items including soups.)

Designed to help boost the recovery process of mothers, Tian Wei Signature creates appetizing confinement food with home delivery in Singapore. Their confinement meals offer a healthy nourishing diet after childbirth, filled with essential ingredients and herbs to replenish the body.

Why Confinement Foods Is Very Important?

As my husband very particular about confinement therefore we have to follow the standard belief and practices. For Chinese belief, confinement considered as the most crucial window period where the mother needs to heal and gain strength, eating right is very vital during the confinement period.

Postpartum confinement food after delivery consists of daily meals designed to steer and recondition the mother’s body for a better recovery after childbirth. Recovery is a gradual process and the confinement period can vary between 28 to 40 days depending on the individual needs of the mom. For my case, i done it for 28 days. Part of the recuperation process lies in the right type of food consumed, where the necessary nutrients are absorbed to restore the body’s original state of vitality and health.

Sourcing the best types of confinement food after delivery also ensures you are getting adequate nutrients and health benefits to reenergize and keep up with the demands of the newborn. Through healthy eating, mothers are able to improve their stamina and even lose the pregnancy weight sensibly.

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Why Choosing Tian Wei Signature?

Here are few reasons why you have to consider Tian Wei Signature for your confinement journey.

  • Traditional Confinement Food – They use a lot of good stuff for post-partum recovery: old ginger , sesame oil, rice wine, black vinegar and red dates. According to traditional confinement theory and confinement food recipes Singapore; all of these above ingredients helps in one way or another to dispel ‘wind’, remove ‘cold, regulate blood level and stimulate ‘qi’.
  • Fusion Confinement Food – Tian Wei believe confinement food must be interesting and enjoyable. In the third and fourth weeks,  they also add Japanese, Taiwanese and Mediterranean inspired dishes using traditional confinement ingredient in the menu to spices up the confinement.
  • Confinement Herbal Soup – 28 different herbal soup to assist women in replenishing their blood and energy lost during delivery. Originating from Traditional Chinese Medicine’s “Yin Yang” 阴阳 and balance of “Qi” 气, their herbal soup concoction focus on nourishing blood, enhancing breast milk, increasing vitality, calming nerves, hair boast and weight loss.
  • Breastfeeding Friendly – Tian Wei strive to give mothers a good recovery and to have a smooth breastfeeding journey starting from their confinement period. Eating properly during the breastfeeding period is a critical aspect of keeping both the mother and the baby healthy. Tian Wei aim to help mothers to increase their breastmilk by providing them a balanced diet. The meal menu consist of milk boosting ingredients such as: Green papaya, Quinoa, Salmon, Okra, Vegetables like spinach and broccoli, Tomato, Cumin, etc.

Tian Wei Signature Confinement Food Singapore Review

Here i documented my 28-days confinement meal journey with Tian Wei Signature. As you can see from the photograph, everyday they have different type of meal. It was such a joy everytime i am having their confinement meals, because so many varieties and all tasted good. I could see that Tian Wei crafting each menu carefully to make sure the meals are nutricious and wholesome.

Each meal comes with a red date tea, a staple in traditional Chinese confinement believed to offer natural benefits to postpartum mothers. Infused with carefully selected ingredients and herbs, Tian Wei Signature serves an appetising menu while still retaining rich traditional tastes of confinement favourites with confinement food recipes Singapore.

Tian Wei Signature confinement meals are improvised and concocted to especially help in the wellbeing of newborn mothers, like the Slice Fish with Egg in Ginger Broth believed to promote better blood circulation. My favourite confinement food is their signature Braised Pork Trotter in Black Vinegar and all the herbal soups. They also has a range of dishes with the beneficial ingredients such as the Fenugreek Green Papaya Fish Soup that can aid in increasing breast-milk production. Throughout my confinement i proudly said that i was exclusively breastfeeding baby Kai and thank God that i managed to have sufficient supply, the confinement foods help me a lot too!

Best thing, the food is delivered right on my door step daily without fail. I really appreciate that every day my meal delivered were still warm when arrived and they properly packed on microwave friendly containers.

And one thing i was so amazed that they also treat every customer special, as they have customer service officers who always keep in touch with me. They making sure everything are okay and asking about my feedback about the foods or i can even make some requests to alter my foods preference. Like for example for first few weeks when baby Kai had jaundice i can request the menu to have less herbs until his jaundice level stabilize.

Throughout confinement journey with Tian Wei Signature, i never have to worry on my nutrition and post-partum recovery.








If you do not have a confinement nanny or are not assured that regular confinement meals can be prepared daily by yourself or a family member (like my case), consider engaging in a confinement meal catering service with delivery in Singapore is such a good decision. Colloquially referred to as “tingkat” confinement food, such services ensure you can have a peace of mind that every meal will be prepared for your recovery.

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About Tian Wei Signature

Tian Wei Signature confinement catering are offered in packages. Confinement catering delivery is available for 7, 14, 21 or 28 days with an option for lunch, dinner or both. With prices starting from $448, there is also a 20-day option of confinement food delivery for weekdays only. They also offer trial meal of lunch or dinner for mothers who are keen to try before signing up for a package.

Book your confinement meal on the link below:





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