My Labour Story..

My Labour Story..

For this child, we have prayed ?⁣

We called him Kai (凯)..⁣
He came almost on time to his actual EDD, 39 weeks 4 days, on 30 May 2020 1.30PM to be exact..


My labour story..⁣

After i had sudden contraction and bleeding at home, we made a visit to delivery suite but they checked dilation is only 1cm and no water broke so they sent me home :(⁣

Didn’t expect after that at home the contraction was getting more intense and i managed to endure it without any pain medication for 24hrs long. Never know that contraction was so painful but thankfully deep breathing and super hot shower helped a lot, at the end contraction made me shiverring and caused vomitting. After 2nd bleeding, we went to hospital again and ended up with admission to delivery suite, by then the dilation was about 2-3cm..⁣

This is the moment before my admission.. The nurse monitoring my contraction and baby heartbeats, while waiting doctor to check on my dilation.

After that i couldn’t take the contraction pain anymore and went through 10hrs medicated labour with heavenly epidural! With all those side effects, i was vomitting a lot, most probably the most vomits in my entire life!
After the help of water broke induction at hospital and hormone drip to expedite dilation, my cervix opening still 3cm and no progress so far, baby heartbeat looks stagnant and shown no progression as well. At one point, suddenly my blood pressure dropped and i developed a fever 38 degrees Celcius. At first we still want to wait until opening progressing however Doctor decided to cut it off as it was not worth to take the risk and we ended with emergency c-sect. ⁣

Due to COVID-19, hubby didn’t allow to go inside operation theatre, so i was alone during the c-sect, sigh..

We have done our best to have a natural labour (wasted my squatting exercise too! T.T) but situation always happen unexpectedly, in the end all we want is a healthy baby.. ⁣

Baby Kai was born at 2.975kg and 50cm height.

RAW MOMENT OF MOTHERHOOD, this photo taken after i gained consciousness after c-sect.




Thanks for all the messages on comments and DMs.. ⁣
At the moment busy taking care my newborn so i will have lesser update on this space but i’ll try my best to keep up with contents, of course with my new cute addition! ⁣

First day with baby feel so surreal.. I can’t believe that i have mini human so fragile and depend on me 24/7⁣
When baby opened his eyes and mapping my face, i feel like crying, he is so pure and innocent.. ⁣
All the pains i went through is worth it!



I know 2020 is really not a good year for many, but we take this year to start parenting with all those unusual challenges!






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