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A Journey to Motherhood and Gender Reveal..

It’s Mother Day today..

and marked my 37 weeks pregnancy..

One day i threw a question to my friends: “What is the happiest moment in their life?”⁣
Some of them answered when they won something, or for me when i travel here and there, but one of my friend answered: when she became a MOM and first time saw her own baby.. I was SOLD! ⁣
Never cross into my mind that become a mother is the happiest thing on earth.. ⁣

We’ve been trying to conceive for around 3 years and finally we made it! It was a miracle indeed! ⁣
It’s such a rollercoaster journey, but there is no turning back once you have decided to take this journey.. This will be an endless journey in life and a new chapter of life.. We are unlocking one of milestone in our life! ⁣

At the moment i am trying to “ENJOY” (read: endure) the pregnancy journey..⁣

Feel sickness daily basis (that explains my absence on social media as i am struggling to create content!), giddy, nausea, bloated, brain fog, pelvic and lower abdomen pain, i am not too sure what else to come in the future. But one thing i am sure that i can’t wait to see my baby in real life and looking forward to that “HAPPINESS” that my friend talking about!

Not saying that happiness can only be achieved when you have your own family, you can find happiness EVERYWHERE..

For those who trying to conceive, i would say “don’t give up”! There will be the right time for you! Sending baby dust to all of you! ✨?⁣

Scroll down to latest photo to find out gender of our baby.. 🙂









Baby due in 02 June 2020.. and i am looking forward to embrace a new journey in my life..




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