Kai’s 100 Days & Delivery from Cakedelivery.sg

Kai’s 100 Days & Cakes from Cake Delivery Singapore

It’s been 100 awesome days with you and we never get enough!
Thanks baby Kai for coming to our life, you are such a blessing, you making our life full of laughs and happiness.. ⁣

HAPPY 100 DAYS @dearbbkai ?⁣

We did a simple celebration at home on exact baby Kai’s 100 Days 06-Sept-2020. We did simple deco at our living room and thanks to Cake Delivery Singapore  forThe Rainbow cake and The Ondeh Ondeh cake , it’s really compliment our mini party!





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If you are looking for a yummy and affordably priced cakes for your celebration, i would recommend cakedelivery.sg.

Cake Delivery Singapore  
offers Award-Winning Gourmet Homemade Cakes with Free Delivery, you can make your order and deliver within the next day or you can even have urgent delivery within 1 hour! 

They have range of cakes such as cheesecake, chocolate cakes, rainbow cakes or even durian cakes..

Cake Delivery Singapore  is known for their award-winning recipes with the Gold Standard of Cake Baking in Singapore. Their experienced bakers use only the most premium ingredients to provide customers with the best tasting cakes in Singapore.


I was so surprised when they delivered the cakes, the cakes are huge! Enough to feed whole big family, 1 cake can serve up to 12 pax! Taste wise, nothing to complain about..

The Rainbow cake is perfect sponge cake, moist and fluffy in very beautiful Rainbow colour covered with buttercream! To my surprise, it’s actually very light  when i had it, i can even have 2 slices at one go and didn’t feel surfeited.

The Ondeh Ondeh cake taste exactly like eating real ondeh ondeh and they are very generous on the grated coconut and gula melaka filling.. 

cake cut

You can place your order directly on the website below.



E-mail: hello@cakedelivery.sg

WhatsApp: +65 8847 4815
*No Calls


PS: Please note that cakes fromCake Delivery Singapore  come in plain without topping but you can make your own topping like what i’ve done! It’s fun.. The rainbow sprinkles we got from NTUC Finest and the wooden deco we got from Spotlight.

Baby Kai’s outfit: littlehappyhaus.com for sage colour set and snugglehunnykids for the bonnet and booties.




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