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[Adv] Wanderlusting with Jewelries Collection

Wanderlusting with jewelries from

Trouvée.Co creates the pieces that are unique, chic and timeless in design, such that anyone from her 20s to 60s can wear them. 
Each of their collection is inspired by a travel destination around the world. By doing so, they hope that pieces act as memorabilia for customers of their favourite travel memories. #wanderlust

Featuring capsule collection: 

1. Halstrom Bracelet, inspired by the karst towers in Ha Long Bay. A classic piece perfect for evening wear. 

[Price: $75]
This piece is definetely my favourite. It’s very chic design and versatile, can be worn for casual or dressy. I fall in love with semi-precious stones colour.

2. Midnight Drusy Bezel Necklace, a perfect gift to remember the night sky by. The uneven, scratch-resistant facets catch and reflect light in all directions, making this piece a worthy investment for years to come.

[Price $48]
All their jeweleries made from Genuine 925 sterling silver, rhodium plated and semi precious stone. And all the semi-precious gemstones are sourced from all over the world, such as India, Brazil, Africa and Mexico. 
Every piece is ethically handmade by team in India, and the metals used are sterling silver plated with either rhodium, gold or rose gold to help it last longer. #trouveeco 
Quote “YUNI15” for 15% discount when you shop at
Note: discount code valid for a one-time purchase (no minimum purchase) till end October 2016.



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