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[Adv] Wanderlusting with Jewelries Collection

Wanderlusting with jewelries from Trouvée.Co creates the pieces that are unique, chic and timeless in design, such that anyone from her 20s to 60s can wear them.  Each of their collection is inspired by a travel destination around the world. By doing so, they hope that pieces act as memorabilia for customers of their favourite travel memories. #wanderlust Featuring capsule collection:  1. …

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[Beauty Service Review] Le Spa 90 Mins Full Body Massage at 16A Chun Tin Road

Been craving for body massage so bad, as i have a very busy schedule, site walk and sitting in a office cause my shoulder, back and legs always feel so tight and tired. As you know, found a good massage place in Singapore is not really easy, ehm sometimes i always go Batam if i need to do massage (which …

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