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[Media Invite] The Famous Flying Noodles at Hana Restaurant Singapore @ The Forum Shopping Mall – Orchard

Have you ever seen the flying noodles? It’s not a magic trick, it’s the popular technique to serve the noodles with chopsticks. At Hana Restaurant, all the dishes served in exceptionally unique concept and display like you never imagine before. 
Hana Restaurant located at Forum The Shopping Mall at Orchard. The queue is always pretty long for this highly raved flying noodles. Beside flying noodles, they also offer some varieties dishes which also served in mind-blowing way.

Lobster Mayo Sushi Tacos 
[Price: $15.00]
As you can see the lobster filling and tobiko topping are very generous. The tacos are so crispy and the lobster mayo are so creamy, just the right texture.

4 X 3 Grid Box 
[Price: $38.00]

Can you see how unique and interesting they served this Japanese appetizer? It’s not only looks pretty, it does taste good too. Personally, i really love the creamy texture of chawanmushi and mentaiko salmon (the upper part most right on first row and most right on second row).
And here we go.. FLYING NOODLES!!!
First time when you see this, people will ask, how do you eat this? Well, you have to pick few strands of noodles and dip into soba sauce like usually we eat soba, that’s it. 
Some people might be too excited and just poured the sauce onto the noodles, but NO!, don’t do that, it’s a wrong way because the tiered bamboo “basket” is full of holes, lol.
Flying Cha Soba with Spam Soba Sushi 
[Price: $16.00]
I wish the soba sauce taste “stronger” to dip the cha soba. Somehow i enjoyed the truffle sauce to go along with this cha soba. Perhaps they might consider to have this on their menu for future. Neverthless, i enjoyed the side dish: spam soba sushi, never really come in my mind to use the spam and make sushi, good idea!

Flying Truffle Somen 
[Price: $20.00]
Look at that those tiny ebi topping, it’s so cute right? Truffle is always my favourite and so this Flying Truffle Somen. For the truffle lover, this dish definetely for you.. 

Flying Salted Egg Yolk Udon 
[Price: $18.00]
Somehow, i still love the japanese style soba sauce to go with udon and soba. Salted egg for udon simply didn’t get into my mind. Neverthless, you can try this unique dish if you are the salted egg lovers.
Kimchi Pork Katsu Fried Rice 
[Price: $18.00]
The Pork Katsu is soooo heavenly full of fats on the crispy skin. The green bottle itself is the crisp to go along with the fried rice. I wish that kimchi flavour on the fried rice have more “kicks” to go along with pork katsu.

Pitan Tempura Maki 
Price: $18.00

This is one of my favourite dish, even tho personally i don’t really like pitan (fermented egg/ century egg). The creamy pitan mayo sauce with pitan bits and ikura on top really goes well with the rice and the crisp surprise inside the maki (which come from soft shell crab).
Chef Special Maki Drawers (Unagi Tempura)
[Price: $23.00]
This maki uniquely served in the drawers, so cute right? It does taste yummy too! The unagi on top is very sweet and goes well with the topping and you’ll find surprise crisp in the middle. 
The maki prepared freshly when you order on spot, that’s why the price is sllightly higher than common sushi/ maki price. 

Matcha-misu ($15)

This dessert basically is the modification of tiramisu. There are lady finger biscuit inside and covered up with creamy matcha. I really like this dessert, the matcha flavour is just right and not too sweet.
The display itself remind me of Sandy’s Underwater Tree Dome (at Spongebob Squarepants), if you know what i mean, lol. The mint leaves resemblance the tree and there are some decorative (edible) pebbles on top.

Over the top Apple Cider

Price Range for Dining: S$15-30 per pax

HANA Restaurant
Forum The Shopping Mall
583 Orchard Road, Unit 01-17
Singapore 238884
Tel: 6737 5525
Lunch 12.30 – 2.30pm
Dinner 6pm – 9.30pm

Facebook Page:
Instagram: @hanarestaurantsg

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