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[Beauty Service Review] Le Spa 90 Mins Full Body Massage at 16A Chun Tin Road

Been craving for body massage so bad, as i have a very busy schedule, site walk and sitting in a office cause my shoulder, back and legs always feel so tight and tired. As you know, found a good massage place in Singapore is not really easy, ehm sometimes i always go Batam if i need to do massage (which is very troublesome too).
When i have an invitation to try Le Spa massage, i quickly agreed. So, i’ve made a visit to Le Spa trying their 90 Mins Full Body Massage.
Located at 16A Chun Tin Road around Bukit Timah area, quite convenient and pretty serene area, Le Spa is an oriental concept spa place where you can have some relaxation.
Upon entering Le Spa, you will find gold wallpaper with oriental touch on both sides of steps leading to reception area. Soft music, aromatheraphy and very cozy lighting welcome you to Le Spa reception area. 
The friendly receptionist helped to check my appointment on the list as well as helped to do registration. While waiting for the room to be ready, she served the warm ginger tea, which make me addicted (ginger tea lover here! hehe). I feel so relaxed, never found before a spa in the city like this.
Guest waiting area with some high table and chair as well as lounge chair, with again oriental touch.
Just finished my ginger tea and the receptionist called me that my room is ready. Wow! It’s super quick, i was waiting for only 6-8mins.

The place is indeed like sanctuary..

The receptionist lead me to an area for slipper changing and showed me where the guest toilet in case i need to use it before i proceed to my spa room.
Along the corridor leading to spa room, they decorated the floor with black and white pebbles and artificial candle (lol, perhaps is FFSD requirement not allowed to put in real candle there). But well, the feeling is really relaxing when you walking thru this corridor.
The wood flooring element, stone and fire element really make a perfect ambient for ideal spa destination. Again, it makes me feel it isn’t a city spa, or even it’s not in Singapore. Very soothing and calming experience.
Their spa room is pretty clean, decent and spacious. Ehm, not like those spa at Batam, with very dark room which sometimes i dunno what happen inside the room. The room lighting can be adjusted to your preference, you can just request to the masseur.

Yeap, i got ready for my massage, took off my outfit and change into disposable undies.

I got ready for massage now.. Not taking more photos during massage because i am half naked, lol! And pardon for my blurry  photos, the masseur adjust the lighting dimmer. Ok let me enjoy my massage..
The masseur speaking in chinese.. and i only can reply with my crappy chinese, lol.. 
I am trying their signature LUF (Le Urban Fusion) for 1.5hr. 
The masseur started with “dry” massage (for me is similar like Thai massage) where the body covered with towel. After done “dry” massage then she applied massage oil part by part, start from legs up to shoulders. When it become harder and harder until i can’t take it, i will tell her. She did a very good masssage, made overall massage experience is really relaxing for my tight muscles. She did massage for my head too, feel so good.

The masseur served another warm ginger tea after massage.

The Urban Fusion body massage is one type of Chinese/ oriental style massage, which focusing more on your acupuncture points and the masseur sometimes would use her elbow to apply pressure on certain areas of your body as well during the massage. It is slightly more painful so the masseur and I had to discuss to achieve a comfortable amount of pressure for me. But the other part are still feel very  good though especially when the acupuncture points are pressed precisely with the right amount of strength.

Feel so refreshed after massage so here am i taking selfie on massage room. LOL!

I really enjoy massage experience here, feel so rejuvenated and recommend this place if you need some relaxing massage.

And this is their common toilet. Decorate with oriental touch too.

Toilet selfie, lol!

Definetely will come back soon if i need some relaxing massage. And psssstttt, they are open 24 hour.. So you can come here anytime.. But please make appointment before you come down as they have some busy timing where sometimes is full house.

Thanks Le Spa for the hospitality.. 🙂

Here is the full price list of their wide range of services (subject to GST): 

Le Authentic Body Massage 

0.5hr 1hr 1.5hr 2hr
Le Urban Fusion(LUF) $38 $60 $90 $120
Le Royal Balinese $38 $60 $90 $120
Le Classic Swedish Retreats $38 $60 $90 $120
Le Imperial Indulgence (Twin Therapy) $76 $120 $180 $240

Le Foot Massage:

0.5hr 1hr 1.5hr 2hr
Le Taiwanese Foor Therapy $28 $48  $72 $96

Le Luxury Spa Scrubs $18 N.A.
Le Elementary Aroma $12 N.A.
Le Signature Guasha Treatment $12 $50
Le Foot Detox $12 $50
Le Therapeutic Cupping $12 $50
Le Rejuvenating Ear Candling $12 $50


Right now, Le Spa is having an opening promotion where you can enjoy 45 minutes of body massage at the price of $38 only (subject to GST)!! (U.P. was $38 for 30 minutes)

You may call +65 6222 6805 (16A Chun Tin Road Outlet) or +65 6222 6803 (14 Gemmil Lane Outlet) for any enquiries or to book an appointment! They are going to open a new branch at Roberson Quay (13 Mohamed Sultan Road) too.

For more information, you may also refer to:

Le Spa Facebook

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