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[Travel Post] My First Trip to Cameron Highlands -2D1N

Early last month (Sept 2015) my hubby’s family decided for a short getaway to Cameron Highland. Well, I’ve never been there before so i was very keen to join the trip. 

Day 1
We drove from our home at Kuala Lumpur, it’s about 4hrs journey to reach high point of Cameron Highland. When we reached there the temperature is about aircon temperature, roughly within 20-24 degrees Celcius.

My sister in law booked a chalet at Desa Anthurium with 3 bedrooms, just nice for 7 adults and a baby. The living room is pretty spacious.

As you see, the view from the living room balcony.. It looks like “above the cloud” because too many fog.
My mother in law prepared ingredients for steamboat too, because in the evening can be very cold and eating steamboat with family was so comforting and unforgetable experience. When we reached our chalet we take a rest for a while. 

We had lunch at Nonya restaurant, we ordered some signature dishes, including this assam fish. I really like their stir fry sweet potato leaf with egg yolk (not featured here).. All veggies there are very fresh, yum! 

After had lunch, we made a visit to lavender garden. There are a lot of flower there actually (not only lavender) and few spot setting for tourist. They also have spread of Gerbera flowers where you can pluck your own and buy, super colourful and pretty. Very nice for taking ootd there. 

Shameless me always take ootd here and there.. Y.Y

Yeah, all beds of flower is dedicated for…. TOURIST! (who else? LOL!)

Then we also make a visit to EQ Strawberry Farm. We hand picked strawberries, quite fun activity if you have a kid. 

They will give u a tray which u need to pay about RM30 in advance. When u picked strawberries then u filled up the tray. Upon exiting the farm, they will helped you to weigh your “harvest”. They have some limit based on RM30 and the excess weight you have to top up again.

We also make a visit to a mini nursery where you can find variety of decorative plants for home garden and wide variety of cactus. Wish to buy some but remember that we can’t bring those plants thru custom in Singapore. 

My mother in law and sister in law bought some cactus to bring home.
As you can see, so many variety of cactus. Then it’s oh oh tee dee time.. with cactus, hehe.. 
After spent our time for some vegetables shopping for our steamboat that evening, we went back to our chalet.

When we reached, we saw the parking area covered with fogs.. Like came from scene of “Silent Hill” movie, lol. The temperature drop to below 20 degrees celcius.. Feel getting cold even tho we were inside chalet.

Then steamboat time! My MIL steamboat is the best.. I really love her homemade chili.

After steamboat then we chit chat until late then we slept. 

Day 2

In the morning we woke up about 7am as we wanted to visit tea plantation. As you know, Cameroon Highland is very famous for tea plantation. 

After drive thru a steep hill way, finally we reached at BOH Tea Center Sungei Palas. We had our breakfast at the cafe. They have a cafe with so called observation deck facing a valley filled with tea plantation, where you can enjoy the scenery. As usuall they also have shopping area to buy tea products and souvenir. Lol it’s very touristy la this area.

After we enjoyed scenery at tea plantation we went to local market bought some fresh veggie: corn, baby tomatoes, sweet potato.. All looks super fresh..

After done with our shopping then we drove back to Kuala Lumpur. On the way back we passed by Ipoh and had our lunch there. We had Chicken rice at “Taugeh Ayam” restaurant. “Taugeh” is bean sprout and “ayam” is chicken. Apparently over there is quite famous tourist spot at Ipoh. Might as well, we tried some other local food there.

We saw long queue at the beancurn stall (the stall’s name very “funny”), haha then we joined the queue, we tried their homemade beancurd and soya milk with grass jelly (they called this drink “Michael Jackson”, lol!). Really like their homemade beancurd, it’s soooo soft, still very warm and fresh. My MIL also bought Ayam Garam (salted chicken) for our dinner at home.

Well it’s a mini getaway but at least help to relax a bit from hustle bustle life and working at Singapore.

Can’t wait for our next trip.. A bit far but i hope can gain more experience for every trip that i had with hubby. 🙂



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