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[Food Review] My Healthy Snack from Garden Picks – Nuts, Dried Fruits and Soy Crisps

I love snacking a lot.. Perhaps most of the time are going for the unhealthy one, oily stuff etc. But fret not!, now i can keep on snacking while on watching my health and diet. The secret is: Healthy snacks from Garden Picks.

These few products are their top seller, and guess what, they are soooo affordable, they even have promotion when you buy 3 packs is only for $10. 
Not only healthy, those snacks are also yummy. Who don’t like crispy and savoury stuff? Once you give them a try, you will want more of them.. 🙂

Royale Berry Mix

Contains Cranberry, California Raisin, Apricot and Green Raisin.

A deliciously juicy mix of cranberries, California raisins, apricots and green raisins, all mixed up for your wholesome snacking pleasure.

Price: $3.80 for 150gm – 3 packs for $10; $7.50 for 500gm

Sweet Chilli Lime Soya Crisps
Sweet Chilli Lime Soya Crisps (from Australia) What a trio! Sweet, spicy and zesty all-in-one plus the addictive crispy sound that pops whenever you bite into one. This crisp will leave you craving for more! Made from GM-Free and Australian-grown soya beans, this delightful snack is the perfect partner to an icy cold beverage!

Price: $9.50 for 400gm

Honey Mustard Soya Crisps
Honey Mustard Soya Crisps (from Australia) The ultimate snack mix is crispy, sweet, and savory all at once, don’t you think? If you are looking for something like this, Honey Mustard Soya Crisp’s the one. An irresistible snack loaded with honey mustard mix, and they are made from GM-Free and Australian-grown soya beans!

Price: $9.50 for 400gm

Crispy Lotus Seed – Unsalted

Lotus seeds are valued for nutritional and healing properties in Chinese medicine, and are used in many recipes as well as herbal formulas. This crispy version make simply a great snack anytime of the day!
Price: $3.80 for 70gm – 3 packs for $10; $18 for 500gm

Baked Almond – Unsalted

These crunchy baked almond nuts are a joy to have in your salad, yogurt or cereal. Crush them slightly and you can sprinkle over your ice cream for a healthy addition to your treat.
Price: $3.80 for 100gm – 3 packs for $10; $12.50 for 500gm

Cranberry (Raspberry Fusion)

These are cranberries that are flavoured with natural raspberry flavours. We would like to call this a match-make in heaven as every bite into the cranberry is oozing with raspberry sweetness and cranberry goodness. Cranberries are high in anti-oxidants and they sure make more than a deliciously juicy snack! They are packed with vitamins needed by the body for healthy skin and a good immune system. Look beautiful simply from munching on these!
Price: $3.80 for 120gm – 3 packs for $10; $11.20 for 500gm

Gourmet Nuts

Mexican Salsa Cashew

Your tastebuds will be dancing the cucaracha as they break out in a sweat over the sensational taste of these hot and spicy jalapeno salsa infused cashews. Perfect with a cold beverage or icy lemonade on a balmy hot day, they’re guaranteed to drive you loco for more.

Price: $3.80 for 80gm – 3 packs for $10; $14.75 for 500gm

Honey Macadamia Nuts
Honey Macadamia Nut – Honey Macadamia nuts are loved by many for their sweet buttery taste and crisp, light texture. Studies show that nut eaters usually weigh less than those that don’t eat nuts. So, substituting macadamia nuts for other high fat snacks could lead to weight loss.
Price: $3.80 for 55gm – 3 packs for $10; $22.50 for 500gm

Pssssttt, my favourite is Crispy Lotus Seed and Baked Almond. They are recommended!

And something that i like from their packaging is a zip lock thingy on each pack, to keep the snack fresh, so you don’t have to find rubber band to lock its pack. It’s a little thing but i think it’s very important, haha, i am such a particular person. 🙂
Ok now, i want to order bulk package of those favourite snacks.

Garden Picks Food Manufacturing LLP
Address: 8A Admiralty Street,
#06-05, FoodXchange,
Singapore 757437.

Tel: (+65) 66594859

Website: (Garden Picks All Year Special: 3 for S$10 only)

Happy guilt free snacking! 🙂

Yuni =D

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