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[Food Review] Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe, Singapore

So it because i am busy with my new home and my “neverendingworks” thus we have a little chance to do oh-oh-tee-dee, so here we go, the easiest way to post is about FOODS! LOL! Yup fashion blogger is also can be a food reviewer. 🙂

Who will say no to Thai Food? Thai Food has become worldwide favourite food because they are so tasty with unbeatable spices and rich authentic flavour.
I really love Thai food, not because i am a fan of spicy and sour, they are simply one of my favourite food beside japanese food. Their sweet drinks and dessert are “yummeh” too. 🙂

We had a chance to try tasty Thai food at Spicy Thai Thai Cafe. A little bit background about this Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe

Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe was founded by homegrown businessman, Ron Poh five years ago. With the success of its first outlet in Jalan Besar, the second shop sprouted at Aljunied Avenue 2 in 2013.

If you are one avid fan of Thai food, you’ll be happy that someone is doing it the real authentic way right here in the heart of Singapore; from using charcoal for soup and steamed dishes to maintain heat consistency and quality, importing tea leaves from Thailand for the signature Thai Iced Tea, different own-made dressings for different dishes, to desserts made from scratch, or even customized dishes… and this is exactly the authenticity Ron wants to bring across as the brand personality and offerings of Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe.

“Charcoal is the best tool to keep this dish simmering hot consistently without affecting the quality of the dish. Yes, it’s more hard work, but we think it’s worth it. We do not want our customers to be compromised, we want them to enjoy Thai food the authentic way”, said Ron, Founder & Owner of Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe. And precisely, this is what authentic cooking is all about.
Ice Thai Tea and Ice Lemongrass Tea

Few of their signature homemade drinks. What drinks you have to order when you dine in at Thai Restaurant? Of course is their homemade ice tea.. Those drinks are very refreshing.

Price: $2.00 and $1.80

Lala Clams Bee Hoon

This is one of their signature dish, Bee Hoon served with Lala Clams. Well i can say it’s actually Lala Clams served with Bee Hoon. LOL! Why?! It was because the Lala clams were so generous in serving. I couldn’t resist myself eating the bee hoon with its tasty soup.

Price $18.00

4 types Special Homemade Chili

All ingredients for this chili imported direct from Thailand. So you can imagine that you can taste authentic Thai chili on this cafe. You can have it as much as you want as this chilies was served on every table. My favourite is the green chili, taste sour and a bit spicy.

Homemade Prawn Cake and Fish Cake
Those are my favourite dishes, haha i have too much love for all type of fried stuff.. LOL! Their homemade prawn cake and fish cake was really fresh and tasty, crispy on the outer layer skin and still very juicy inside.
Price- each is $2.00 – minimum order 2 pcs

Hommock (Thai Style Otah)

If you are an otah fan, you have to try this. This special otah is very different than common Singapore otah. Served in fresh young coconut, when you start to dig in you can find squids, fish and coconut flesh. The taste is very rich and creamy with generous coconut milk.

Price $16.00

BBQ Pork Neck with special homemade sauce

I found this like a Char Siew version a la Thai, the pork neck was well marinated, the meat was so tasty, tender and very juicy. Dipped on the special homemade sauce make you want to eat more and more, can’t stop eating. Having those pork BBQ with warm rice was really unforgettable moments, too yummy to resist..

Price $10.00

Thai Walking Cat Fish with Spicy Lemon Soup

When first i heard about Cat Fish, i was a bit hesitate to try it. Well you know that a few people feel skeptic about eating Cat Fish. 
As this is one of their signature dish, i was then give it a try. And it’s something that i never regretted. The fish meat was so succulent and sweet. You could tell straight away that the fish is a fresh “catch of the day”. And the spicy lemon soup complement this dish so well with the mixture of spicy and sour. This dish was served in a hot pot with charcoal added the good smell on the dish itself. 

Price $28.00

Sticky Glutinuous Rice with Mango

One of my favourite dessert of Thai Food, Mango Sticky Rice. The fresh mango was so refreshing, with a bit of sourness from mango mixed well with sticky rice topped with sesame seeds and thick coconut milk. This dessert is a glorious ending to our yummy dinner at Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe. Happy tummy! 🙂

Price $6.00

This cafe is also serving the famous Thai Mookata (Thai BBQ) and other customized dishes.
If you are looking for a classic meal of Thai cuisine that delivers on taste and won’t break your pocket, Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe is the right place for you. The cafe looks out onto the lush greenery and a quaint garden. Savour authentic Thai cuisine with laid-back atmosphere, and enjoy them so much that your taste buds sing!

Further info and food selection can browse thru their website:

Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe
115 Aljunied Ave 2, Block 115, Singapore 380115

Yuni =D

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