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Be Grateful

Everybody must have been on very down situation in their life.. And failure to pursuit some achievement might be leading you to sorrow and depression..


Have you ever thinking what is happening to you now might cause you to achieve something better, something more great, and something you never even imagine?


Even though i cannot achieve what i want on this time.. I BELIEVE.. In the future, i can get what i want, even greater.. What i need is just to WAIT and be PATIENT..
My story:
“Recently i read news about HDB cooling measure, my heart was really broken that time, i know we cannot have our own house this year. But, behind that, mybe we deserve to have something greater and make us holding hand together to save for our DREAM House”


Yes, this is the KEY in my life.. I know sometimes see neighbour’s pasture is more green than us, but it doen’t mean we do not have anything to be thank for..
I thank God because HE is my provider, so far HE always give me a way for something better in my life, even though is not the way that i would like to choose.. But HE leading me to a good way, not the “rough” way that i choose before..
Thank God for my daily life, our breath ever seconds and the most is our health.. I still have strength to work and to earn my living and still able to share my blessing through my beloved ones.


Shots @ Fort Canning Park (1st September 2013)

Dress from local blogshop

Chanel earrings.. 🙂

Comfy Crocs Leigh Wedges, i can use those few hours without “torturing” on my feet.. Best wedges i had so far..

Accessories of the day: Cross Ring-Forever21, Bracelet-Forever21, Rings-Cartier, H&M, Envelope Clutch

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