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Tim Ho Wan at Plaza Singapura

Date of Visit: 01 September 2013

So happy.. Finally got chance to try Singapore Tim Ho Wan.. We had our first Tim Ho Wan at Hongkong.. And since then, we always miss their Char Siew Bao.. 
Lucky to have a branch of Tim Ho Wan in Singapore.. 
Since they opened, we always encounter long queue and end up always pending to eat at Tim Ho Wan Singapore.. But last Sunday when we just came back from photo shots at Fort Canning Park, we found the queue not “too crazy”, so we give it a try.. And we able to get our seat for just waiting 10mins.. ^^v

Q-ing that day pretty bearable..
Maybe we came during non-peak hour, about 4pm..

Waiting for foods to be served..
We both not too hungry during that time and only ordered 3 types of dishes.

Their famous signature dish.. Char Siew Bao..

Zooommmm… !!! LOL!

Zooommmm again!!! Slight crisp on the outer layer of bun.. This is the signature bun of Tim Ho Wan..

Char siew bao.. Pork Steamed Bun.. Inside is char siew pork and taste sweet, hmm seems like slightly different than what we ate in Hongkong Tim Ho Wan, the charsiew not so reddish, more to brownish colour and not too sweet. I still prefer Hongkong Tim Ho Wan for this steamed bun.

Enjoying char siew bao..

Beancurd Prawn Roll.. The prawn very juicy, sweet and fresh.. I love this.. 🙂

Yup, inside the roll, stuffed with generous amount of prawns.. 🙂

Homemade chili with soya bean.
Osmanthus cake, very fragrant, not too sweet and not too gooey like konnyaku.. Just nice, nyummmm.. 🙂

For sure, we will coming back to eat their Char Siew Bao and try other dishes.. Hmmm.. if we have free time to queue.. ;p

Tim Ho Wan (Singapore Branch)

Address: #01-29A, Plaza Singapura,
68 Orchard Road

Phone: 62512000

Hours- Daily: 10:00 – 22:00

Avg Price/Pax: $20

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