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A day in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Saturday, 27th July 2013

Once a month is our routine to go back Malaysia.. It’s my hubby hometown.. We are residing at Cheras area.. 

After finished make up in the morning..  
I dressed up.. Planning to wear all white.. I love this crochet hem skirt from The Closet Lover
Hubby said too SEXY can see longkang (aka my cleavage) 🙁 oklo change again.. 
He agreed when i showed him this dress coordination.. It’s just a simple colourfull halter tank which i bought from my hometown Bogor..

Preparing to go for our dim sum brunch on dimsum stall at shophouses nearby, Heng Kee Tim Sum.. 

My mother in law plant some hanging potted plants in front of our home..
My today’s style.. 🙂
With my lovely marimo handmade necklace.. Anna Nucci jelly shoes, pink colour with white ribbon, haha so sweet.. 
Snapshots otw to dimsum stall..
Yayyy, reached Heng Kee Tim Sum..
I like their fried beancurd dim sum.. Dip it into mayonnaise, hehe.. All their dim sum made on spot so it’s very fresh.. 🙂
Their lo mai gai (fragrant sticky rice with chicken) also very juicy and tasty.. <3 it!!!
Chee cheong fun (rice roll cake) with prawn.. 
The sauce pretty standard, not too salty.. But they made the chee cheong fun freshly when we order it.. So it taste really soft and slightly chewy, and the prawn very fresh and sweet.. 
Siew mai.. Also nice.. 🙂

All dimsum with drinks only cost RM 15, much cheaper than Singapore dim sum.. ;p
I like to drink hot.. I ordered Teh O, it means tea without the milk.. O means “Kosong” or “Zero” milk.. 
Feeling FULL.. After ate dimsum.. We went to bank awhile.. Then while waiting time to fetch my mother in law finish work we visited furniture mall, Viva Mall.. 
There are few benches on every floor shown the floor number.. Very cute haha.. I was sitting on 1st floor bench.. 
And saw this furniture shop.. I always like English tea party theme/ Country style, white furniture with roses.. Very classic and sweet.. 

And found green wall pillar on main drop off area with artificial plants.. LOL!
And few snapshots on the car, as usual, LOL.. 😀

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