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Losing Weight AGAIN!!!

Every night hubby hugging me and keep on saying “Why my lao po (wife) now so tiny?!” Sad.. But true.. I keep on losing weight.. Can’t stop it away.. mybe just too addicted to my “better” habit?! i hv no more curve.. @.@” 

Hope it’s not psychological illness.. 🙁
I am freaking crazy about healthy food now.. Morning drink green smoothie or fruit juice or yogurt (only).. I am very rare “touching” rice and let it through easily on my throat.. 

When i see mirror i always feel i am FAT.. T.T even though everybody said i am skinny alrd.. Rather than last year.. 
When i see the weighing scale always point the same number, i keep on telling to myself.. SEE!!! “Mybe i eat too much!”

I am freaking avoiding junk food.. I never touch McDonalds and KFC for more than 2 years.. 

Fuck! What happen with me ah?!

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