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Swimming at Sengkang CC & Hokkaido Fair at Tampines Mall

Saturday, 29th June 2013

I went with my friend to Sengkang Community Center.. So far always swimming on the place i stay and so lucky within this 4 years we always manage to stay at condo, before buying our new house.. Since i never go swimming outside, so when my friend ask me to go swimming with her, i give it a try.. 

Yoo.. Going swimming.. ^.^
Fee per entry only $2.00 (so cheap rite?), buy at the ticketing machine.. Yes it’s communal facilities for public, so encourage people to do more activities. Almost every CC have yoga class and language class (english, mandarin, malay, etc). It’s pretty cheap compare than the fitness center or yoga center or private language course. I went for yoga class and mandarin class at Bt Gombak CC & Bt Batok CC before, it’s only cost $60 for 3months, classes based on weekly basis.
Sengkang CC Swimming complex quite new and pretty big, look more to theme park for children pool with the those rainbow sliding and water sprouts here and there..
As we came there during afternoon abt 3pm, so we prefer to swim at covered lap pool, pretty long about 50m. Although so many people were swimming, we still manage to swim long lap abt 8 laps. Even though sometimes bumped into kids haha.. 

Apologize photo a bit dark hehe.. Took direct from my iphone and it’s covered anyway.. ;p

After swimming i plan to go Tampines, going to Tampines Mall and Tampines 1.. Just walk around there and see new collection from love and bravery.

I really like those love and bravery collections, bcoz the cutting is very comfortable and their dresses are so pretty with good quality material and the most important it is very affordable, price range abt $20-30 for tops and bottoms, $30-40 for dresses.. Their chic style collection mostly for office attire and semi formal outfits.
At love and bravery i was trying 2 dresses and 1 playsuit.. I still like the baroque and graphic printed dress, like this.. End up buying the left one.. The floral print actually not bad, but i like the cream colour one, which is sold out, only left L size. 
Check their website here: loveandbravery.com
The nice dresses on their latest arrival always sold out.. T.T 

And when i went to Tampines Mall found Hokkaido Fair by Isetan.. Whah, this mall really crowded.. On Hokkaido Fair managed to try their Spicy Miso Ramen for $12 and Japanese Croquette (Prawn for $4.5 and Crab $1). Would like to try their Takoyaki but super long queue.. T.T Nice food here always long queue.. Their bento really expensive all more than $20 or even $30+. All food i tried actually so so only, but ok la, i was hungry haha.. Maybe bcoz the fair looks so happening then people are willing to queue and try, or just kay poh.. ups…

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