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Macarons Baking Class at JBS International College

Sunday, 30th June 2013

Taking selfie again, camwhoring again haha on the toilet of Hyatt Hotel after finish my sunday church service.

Just now when to Ion Orchard and touch up make up a bit.. Camwhoring again haha.. 
My outfit today:
– Dress: Mango Mozaic Pattern Dress (i bought bcos of discount, i only shop branded when discount) 
This dress really unique and pattern is not printed like those “cheap” dress, this pattern like machine weaving, really neat.. Really hugging body shape.. 🙂
– Bag: Prada Saffiano Tote BN2274 in Nero
– Earring: Chanel gold hardware
– Necklace: Accesorize.. It’s really made from real leaves, those leaf bones are covered with gold hardware. Tell a bit story as i used to do some creativity with leaves during my secondary school time, i used to soak the leaves into 70% alcohol to wash off their chlorophyll. I always imagine those empty leave bones, resemblance fairy wings, so cute.. ^.^
– Wedge Shoes: Crocs Leigh Wedge, in Black, super comfortable wedge shoes i’ve ever had.

Had my brunch at Ion food alley.. 
Japanese takoyaki Gindaco.. ^^ and macha green tea.. Both for $5.20

I went to meet a bride to be to sell my bridal shoes.. T.T really sad to let it go.. But no choice, i dun use it anymore.. Rather than just keep it on my shoesbox then it shall go to other bride to be. 

After pass my bridal shoes then i went to my Macarons Baking Class held by JBS International College at MDIS Building, near to Eunos MRT.. It was a short course 2.5hrs to bake macarons.

Here is the recipe:

They had prepared all necessary ingredients for Chocolate Shell and the utensils.
– Ground almond powder shall made from raw almond (not the roasted one, hehe)
– Cocoa powder shall be alcoholic cocoa powder (more redish colour) which help to keep the meringue firm and those alcohol will help to reduce fat 20% than the common cocoa because alcoholization process.
– Egg whites shall go through maturing process, minimum shall keep 3days in fridge and shall be free from egg yolk. Maturing process of egg whites will help to remove protein and reduce moisture to make prefect meringue. Before use it, egg whites shall put in room temperature (not in cold condition).
– Pure egg white powder will help to remove moisure and easier to do meringue.

The teacher was very helpfull and she was really knowledgeable, give us a lots of tips and tricks how to  bake a good macarons. We were learning how to make French style macarons. She mention actually there are other type of macarons, they called it Italian macarons.
Here is the difference within this two style of macarons:
– French style macarons: using more icing sugar, hence not so chewy, slight crisp on outer layer of their shells and then melted in mouth.
-Italian style macarons: using more sugar, hence those shells will be more chewy and need more jaw exercise  when you eating it.

It’s my pan.. From one “coin” to another “coin” shall at least minimum 2 fingers away. 
Hehe but some are too close each other. Put the meringue into plastic pipe or nozzle (will be better) then piping out about 3-4cm diameter, about 3 second then stop, do another “coin” similar way then so on.. until the tray full of “coins”. After finish then tap the pan to flatten all “coins” so it won’t look like patty/burger (bulging on top), the top shall be flat enough. 

Hmm.. My shells consider quite small compare than others, but anyway macarons shall be tiny and cute.. If it is too big then it’s not enjoyable anymore and feel too much.. Haha.. 
Leave it for about 1-2hrs or if you hv more times can leave it longer, or even overnight so all the air will be dry off. After 1hr i tried to touch those shells become harden and it’s ready for baking.

Teacher help to do Passionfruits Ganache for the macarons filling made from Passionfruits Puree and Chocolate (Couverture Callets, 35% Cocoa), glucose and butter.

And made another type of filling: Mango Custard made from mango puree, egg yolk, sugar, custard powder and butter.. Stir well all together until boiled.

Yup this is the Passionfruit Chocolate Ganache.. Ready to put in triangle plastic pipe, teacher said will be better if using proper nozzle. After fill in the ganache, end of plastic pipe need to be cut around 10mm.

It’s my pan in the oven.. Macarons shall have a bit of feet (not too flat), haha my shells looks quite pretty..  🙂 Some others participant’s macaron shell are just flat, no feet at all. Teacher said it’s because mixed it too hard the meringue with the dry ingredients. You need to mixed it gently and even so the meringue will just stay firm. 

Baking process took about 18-20mins, first 6 mins need to check whether the feets are okay and subsequently check again until satisfied with the feets. But carefull not to bake it too long or else the cracking will come to the center of the shell and create uneven top shell.

Ok here are they pretty chocolate shells. Looks so nyummy… ;P with those little tiny feets, yah we wish to have something like this when we bake the macarons.

Ok done with the filling of ganache, my first trial macarons baking really success.. Yippi.. 🙂

So Happy.. :))
It’s my very first time baking macarons today and it’s sucessfull, teacher said those looks perfect alrd. Here they are.. “Chocolate Shell Macarons with Passionfruit Ganache” and “Chocolate Shell Macarons with Mango Custard Filling”.. 

Those shells are not too sweet and i love the combination of chocolate with the sour filling made from passionfruit or mango puree.. And those shells are a bit cruncy outside and a bit chewy inside and then melted in mouth..

If you would like to try the class, you can just ask to:

JBS International College
190 Changi Road
#02-02 Singapore 419974
Tel:  6478 0456 / Fax: 6478 0457

Teacher said all the ingredients for macarons baking can get from Phoon Huat .

I can say baking is FUN, hehe, somemore if it’s success and the things u bake is nice and nyummy.. It’s really a good experience to try it.. :’D


  1. Hi Yuni, I had a great time reading your blog.
    Can u provide the steps to make the Passionfruit Ganache.


  2. Hello dear the step is similar with mango puree, mix all ingredients and still well and bring it to boil..

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