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A week without Rice..

Been watching all my calories intakes everyday, using my fitness paypall as an app on my iPhone. Quite effective to count calories as inside they had recorded a lot of food variety and i can almost find exactly the same food i took on that day. The system is like food diary, you can just fill in what you have for breakfast, lunch and dinner, even snack, water intake and your exercise diary as well.

So far on my weightloss journey i using this app everyday to track how many calories intake i have taken in a day. Based on the data i put on the app, they suggest me to take 1200 calories per day.. Haha actually that was happen when my weight is 60-61kg. But currently my weight is about 50-51, seems i get use to stick on 1200 calories daily.

Even though i am not intent to losing so much weight anymore, but lately i feel lose on appetite and sometimes just skip my dinner or just having fruits. As sometimes working quite late and being lazy to grab something to eat on late evening.

Here is my calories counter on this week, from Monday 24th June 2013 until Saturday 29th June 2013..

I know i always under calories intake everyday, sigh.. Q.Q What to do? I am too worrying gaining weight again.. So really take care my food intake and keep it all in low calories.

And this week it happen that i never eat rice, but i feel full only just eating sandwich for lunch.. Haizzz… Dunno why.. Haha but suprisingly my weight not drop too much as i wish.. T.T Mybe those sandwich are really nice and full of joys when i ate them, LOL..
Grilled Chicken Panini
Where to eat?
1 Tras Link #01-08 Singapore 078867SingaporeSingapore

Review: Grilled Chicken Panini there was good, the chicken was very tender and juicy, with creamy sauce and the panini itself which i love was a bit crunchy outside, not too soft like sandwich/bread. Tried a bit of their sangria as my colleague order one jug, the sangria quite light but just nice for Singapore hot day 🙂

Craving for sour fruits? Eat pineapple then.. with Penang rojak sauce @.@

8Hr Pulled Pork Sandwich
Where to eat?
DOC-Department of Caffeine
15 Duxton Road,SingaporeSingapore 089481+65 6223 3426 Today 10:30 am – 7:30 pm

Review: Dunno why the name 8Hr Pulled Pork Sandwich, haha perhaps they marinate the meat for 8 hours? But i can say the taste really unique, when first i saw the appearance, i was thinking the taste will gonna be western, then when i tried it it totally different, there is a mix of Asian taste. Not even mixed.. I can say that this is Asian sandwich.. The pulled pork was really fresh and juicy, i could see it filling the sandwich to its max.. The veggie inside (tiny sliced carrot and cabbage) taste a bit sour and unique. And those green stuff beside the sandwich is the pickled cucumber with sprinkle of white sesame seeds. Usually i dun like raw cucumber, but this picked cucumber really not bad, thought they pickled it using light rice vinegar or something like that. My friends tried it and they said taste like aloe vera, haha..
Based on their cafe name, maybe if you happen to drop into this place should try their coffee.. But since i dun drink coffee so i dun had their coffee on that time..

Blueberry so nyummy.. Bought it bcos ntuc got promotion buy 2 for 4.20 (haha so auntie ah?). That nite i had big pimple on my cheek, then i ate a lot of this blueberry until very full and fell asleep. On the next morning i found my big pimple getting better.. Haha i was thinking mybe because this blueberry got a lot of antioxidant and feel like i got instant effect from this fruits.. So amazing, haha.. 🙂

Anyway today this my sharing, i need to sleep for tomorrow early morning Church service and Macaroon Baking class (so excited) ^^. I will share it tomorrow.. 🙂

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