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My Make Up Essential

Make Up essential

Urban Decay metal case
$55 –

Love this NAKED 2 palette by Urban Decay, it’s very useful palette the colour range for daily make-up until party make up.  I use Foxy for the base before applying dark colour. For simple daily make up i would love to use non-shimmering colour and dark brown, like Busted and Tease. Bootycall which is light shimmering is very useful for highlighting. For party look, i would suggest to put more shimmering colour like Half Baked, Chopper or Ydk. I found Urban Decay Naked 2 palette is essential for my make up because the colour ranges are useable and easy to match.

This product i give rate 9/10
9 because it’s very useful palette, even though it’s quite big, not adviseable to bring for travelling.

Bobbi brown cosmetic
$47 –

Bobbi Brown Oil Free Compact Foundation is very useful if i need more coverage as the texture is rich and thick create a matt finish make up. For daily make up i really need it to cover my under eyes, hehe due sleeping too late my eyes really bad, like panda.. I don’t use this compact foundation covering my whole face because it will make make up too much and not natural.

This product i give rate 7/10
7 because texture too thick and uneasy to apply (need foundation brush) and took very long to make it even on your face.

Chanel blush

Chanel blush is pretty expensive compare than other brand, but i found some colour are really nice and glow the skin in different way compare than other powder blush. I use colour 67 Rose Tourbillon. It’s more pinkish colour with slight shimmering to make face more glowing. The colour looks natural and suitable for my skin tone. 

This product i give rate 8/10
8 because the price expensive but love the colour.

Lancôme tinted moisturizer

Lancome moisturizer  (UV expert GN-Shield) for my daily make up base, before applying BB cream. So far it’s the best moisturizer i’ve ever try and been using it for 2 years. The texture not really thick and sticky, it’s very comfortable for skin. It’s contain SPF 50, PA+++, 12H UV/High UVA PPD. Fiuhhh so long, but in a short way it’s protecting your skin from damaging agents of sun or pollutants.

This product i give rate 9/10

$7.56 –

I’ve been using this fake eyelashes for 2 years. I use it non-daily basis, during weekend only or necessary. This product made from real human hair with very tidy strand and it’s reuseable.. 🙂
I usually use no 110 because it’s really create natural looking, the strand not too long and it’s very comfortable. The arc of the strand is transparent and not stiff, i can use it for whole day without any problem.

This product i give rate 10/10
The best fake eyelashes i’ve ever found and use. 🙂

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics gel eyeliner
$26 –

Love Bobby Brown Long Lasting Gel Eyeliner because it is super long lasting, can last for more than 12 hours without any re-application. From morning make up until late nite work it is still on my eyes. I found Gel Eyeliner are easier to apply and shape on eyes compare than liquid or ink eyeliner. And Gel Eyeliner is more long lasting compare than other type of eyeliner which is need to reapply. Bobby brown have the dark brown which is softer look than the black one, but the colour also pretty intent and bold. I am using both, dark brown for daily basis make up and black for evening make up or party look.

Christian dior

This Christian Dior Lip Maximizer is to plump the lips, smell like mint but it’s very good to soften lips.  I apply it every morning or when my lips are drying. This plumper contain Collagen, and i found it really help lips to appear  its natural colour and to highlight the lips, so lips become more prominent.. hehe..

This product i give rate 7/10
It is a good product but pretty costly for only a plumper..

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