[Product Review] LUMOS Auro Projector

[Product Review] LUMOS Auro Projector

LUMOS Auro Projector is a all All-in-one projector with Netflix, YouTube, & built-in speakers, compact and affordable for home cinema lovers.

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The box package of LUMOS Auro Projector is slim and come with RIZE Stand, is a basic functional accessory for better placement of LUMOS Auro.

The project looks elegant and premium, it’s modern minimalistic and sleek design add touch of modernity to our room. IT also feature Inbuilt Dolby Audio – Good cinematic surround sound that is powerful enough by itself.


The set up process is easy by placing the projector on the firm tripod stand, with it’s featured short throw ratio (1.3:1), never though that we can also have our own cinema screen in our bedroom ! It only needs amazing short distance about 3m from our bedroom wall, we can project a large 100 inch screen with great visual clarity native FHD 1080p Blue Ray Movie standard.


To our pleasing surprise, the LUMOS Auro Projector has High Brightness ( 6,000 Lumens )-makes the colors of screening more vivid and enjoyable in darkness . Normal ones are around 2,000-3,000 Lumens and usually grainy or washed out. Watching the vivid and bright screen with toddler will definitely help to keep their attention focus on screen.

The smart user interface is very user friendly. First thing we connected it with our home WIFI, here it goes to our favorite Inbuilt Netflix+ Youtube channel within seconds. This projector has its own inbuilt Android operating system which makes it literally plug and play with smart user interface like smart phone , smooth and easy.


Internet WIFI connection is smooth and we streamed and watched the Lion King Movie on Youtube with Baby Kai, he was fascinating with cartoon movie in large screen and cinematic surround sound effect, perfect time for family bonding with this home cinema set up.

LUMOS Auro Projector also feature Wireless Mirror Casting , with simple the inbuilt airscreen app & connect via wifi to mirror smartphone, we can use it to We can use it to play mobile games , use Spotify, or even Skype or Zoom call over a huge screen while lying in bed or sofa in living room.


We are very satisfied with this amazingly priced at from only $398 Smart bundle Inbuilt Netflix and Youtube apps, the product specifications and quality are comparable with other big brands which priced higher at $800-$1000 range.

During our market survey before purchase, we also found the product is well loved by Singaporeans with hundreds of 5 star reviews, that’s give us a lot of confidence on this local brand and product, let’s support local !

You can order the projector at LUMOS official website.




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