[Food Review] Tze Char King Delivery
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[Food Review] Tze Char King Delivery

Can’t dine in again? No worry, today we have delivery from Tze Char King yummy foods for dinner! We ordered the Classic Chili Crabs paired with fried mantous, Fried Calamari, Sweet & Sour Sliced Fish, Sambal Fried Rice, and Handmade Yam Ring.

Let’s tuck in !




The Classic Chili Crabs is always our favourite Tze Char order, this is one of the best we tried. The sauce is slightly sweet and mildly spice , crabs are in good size, fresh and meaty. Perfectly paired with Fried Man tous by dipping into hot and delicious sauce.

Our second dish is Sweet and Sour Sliced Fish. The sweet and sour sauce is separated so there is no worry the sliced fish become soggy. The combination flavour of sweet and tangy is refreshing on our taste palette and we are ready for next dish !

Seafood lover will agree with our choice which is the Fried Calamari. Well coated with batter, crispy on outside but definitely springy inside. We also can taste the extra butter flavour as the calamari is lightly seasoned to bring out the flavour. 

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Next up is also our favourite dish , Handmade Yam Ring. Deep-fried until golden brown and richly topped with generous toppings like fresh prawns, chicken, mushroom, and sweet peas. The savoury sauce is well balanced between the yam and toppings, definitely worth a try if you are a fan of yam ring.

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What is more satisfactory than a Sambal Fried Rice to eat along with all the dishes? The Sambal Fried Rice is cooked in perfection with granny rice and tasty sambal chili with mock crab meat as added texture.

The overall order experience  in  https://tzecharking.com/ is a breeze and easy.  We ordered all dishes in small portion for 2 pax and the portion is larger than our expectation. Delivery was on time and they also surprised us with a Jelly dessert as complimentary dish after we had our heartened meal.

Lastly the pricing is very reasonable and affordable, with free delivery for order above $100. They also deliver for lunch and dinner time slots up to late night.  What’s you waiting for? Let’s have a look at their website and order your favourite dish now !





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