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[Beauty] New-Found Confidence with Nose Threadlift

It is an undeniable fact that humans always seek perfection, me included.

I am very open minded when it comes to achieving that “perfection”, and I will never hesitate to do any aesthetic procedures to enhance my features, especially on my face. Plastic surgery is quite common nowadays but I am too afraid to have such a drastic change on my face since the results are irreversible. I also didn’t want my friends to notice a major change in my facial features, so therefore, a non-surgical procedure will be perfect for me. I’ve been doing fillers and botox previously, and now, I decided to try threadlift treatment for my nose.

Why nose? Because besides my jawline, my nose is the only thing on my face that I am not satisfied with. Frankly speaking, I already had a “problem” with my nose when I was younger. I found my nose too flat even though most people think it was okay because they said it was “cute”. Don’t you know that “cute” is just a nice way to say “ugly but adorable”?! LOL!

I am very active on social media and that means that my feed is being bombarded with snaps of beauty bloggers, makeup artists and models with all their picture-perfect features. I found that my own features didn’t match up, and it fuelled my insecurity and affected my confidence. Often I found myself hiding those insecurities with tons of make up. I always apply a lot of highlighter to make my nose sharper and slimmer. I thought I had gotten away by choosing my angles well or using the filters, but no matter which filter I opted for, I always feel that my nose was too flat, the bridge not high enough, and thus no definition on my face. I was always seeking improvements on my nose structure.


Previously, I’ve shared my experience on Ultherapy treatment at Halley Medical Aesthetics. You can read about it here. This time round, I met Dr. Terence Tan again at his clinic and consulted him regarding nose enhancement. He found that threadlift is an ideal treatment for me to give my nose a little bit of height around bridge area and give a little bit of lifting on my nose tip.

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What is Threadlift?

If you are curious about threadlift, let me share a little bit more about it with you. Threadlift is a minimally invasive treatment for tightening the skin, contouring and rejuvenating the face, neck, and eye area. It is popularly used for enhancing the shape of the nose too.

During the procedure, threads with anchors, like cones, are inserted under the skin and act as scaffolds to lift sagging skin. The threads also stimulate the skin over time to produce collagen for a long-lasting and natural-looking lift. No incisions are made and no stitches are necessary. The threads are eventually fully absorbed within the body. The more commonly used nose threads by doctors are HSA-approved polydioxanone threads (also known in the market as PDO threads), which come in varying lengths and thickness.


Dr. Terence Tan used Y-KO N-Finders PDO threads for my nose threadlift treatment. This non-surgical face-lifting technique uses absorbable ultra-fine PDO threads to continuously stimulate collagen synthesis under skin. Made by Korean companies, the threads use cogs (tiny hooks) within the threads for anchoring. They are particularly suitable for nose threadlifts.

What is Y-KO Multi-Directional Cogged Thread?

Y-KO stimulates our body’s intrinsic healing process to re-shape the nose. Expected results are lifting of the nasal bridge and nose tip. It is a simpler and safer treatment for nose enhancements as compared to open rhinoplasty or plastic surgery.

Furthermore, studies have shown that it is a safe and stable material to implant into the nose. The inserted thread works as a structural fixture which results in a different shape as compared to fillers and other injectables. Y-KO is also unique in the way it is barbed. To enhance tissue holding strength, there are two types of barbed pattern. One is multi-directional cogs and the other is uni-directional cogs. Unlike other threads with bi-directional cogs, multi-directional cogs does not cause migration of threads.

My Nose Threadlift Experience

On the day of the treatment, I was feeling a bit nervous as it was my first time doing this procedure. Even though I read and watch a lot of reviews, I was not sure on how it really felt like. I guess you will only know when you experience it yourself.


Apparently, the process was very quick; it took around 15 minutes to get everything done. No numbing cream was used as Dr. Terence Tan used an local anesthetic for me and once the anesthetic worked, I couldn’t feel a thing. The doctor made me feel at ease throughout the treatment process by chatting with me.

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When Dr. Terence Tan was inserting the threads, I could only feel some pressure during the insertion.


He skillfully inserted a few threads on the nose bridge area to add the volume and added threads around the nose tip to lift it. The number of nose threads required may vary from one individual to another depending on several factors such as the existing nose structure, the degree of enhancement desired and the budget.


Just right after the treatment, I could feel the threads pulling around my nose area and Dr. Terence advised not to touch my nose for at least 3 days. There was no bruising and the only visible sign left was the dot on my nose tip at the threads entry point (and a higher bridge and a lifted nose tip, of course!). But fret not, that little dot went away in a week’s time.

The Result


When it comes to aesthetic enhancement, one must keep in mind that more is not always better. It is about getting the right amount done to suit your facial features, because ultimately, we want to look beautiful and natural.


I am quite happy with the finished result because threadlift helps to protrude my nose in a subtle way. People hardly notice that I’ve done something on my nose, because it looks so natural.

Here are before and after photos. My nose is sharper, higher and looks slimmer as well – which is exactly what I wanted. The photo in the middle was taken immediately after my treatment; you can see that the result for threadlift is immediate. The third one was taken about two months after as part of my Ultherapy review. You can see the combined result is fantastic (more about that in my Ultherapy review post later on).

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Front View

Oblique View

My higher nose gave me a new lease of life, and a new-found confidence.
How long the results will last varies from one individual to another, and it also depends on the number and thickness of nose threads used. If you are into non-surgical nose enhancement, perhaps you might want to consider threadlift to enhance your facial feature. However, in order to achieve your desired nose threadlift results with minimal risk and discomfort, you should always approach a trained doctor with experience in performing nose threadlift procedures. The doctor would advice whether the procedure is suitable for you, how to best achieve your desired results and, most importantly, to ensure that the procedure is performed in a safe manner.


Total treatment cost
Nose Threadlift: $850 (includes GST)


Halley Medical Aesthetics

277 Orchard Road #03-15
Orchard Gateway
Singapore 238858
Phone: 6737 8233
Facebook/Instagram: @halleymedicalaesthetics



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