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[Travel] Staying at Unique Bamboo House in Ubud, Bali

Staying in 5 stars hotel is for someone who looking for comfort and convenience, however if you are looking for an experience i would not recommend staying in 5 star hotel.

Why? First because 5 stars hotel is expensive and you won’t use all the facilities as you will be busy roaming around to explore new places. Second, 5 stars hotel feature is quite standard and common, you get what you pay. Third, i found that 5 stars hotel kinda boring especially when you only stay at hotel room and relaxing, hmm i guess some people like to do that! Whole day sleeping at pool side and reading book, it’s up to your choice. But whenever i go travel, i will be busy exploring new places, well bcos i am not a static kind of person, nomad life is my kind of style.

Recently i found a lot of Bamboo House accomodation around Bali, famous one is Hideout but booking a room there is very difficult as they always fully book. Then when i searched thru airbnb, i found this unique bamboo Dome, at New Earth Heaven, in Tegallalang Ubud, Bali. Didn’t expect much except than the experience staying at bamboo house, so i went ahead and booked a night with them. As you can see from my photos below, the experience is beyond my expectation…


Greeted by paddy field upon arrival. There is footpath that leads us to our bamboo house. Btw there are few bamboo houses at New Earth Heaven complex, ours called Moonstone Dome. And there is one bamboo house nearby but sufficient distance for privacy. And another bamboo house (the bigest one) located at Akasha Villa.



Perhaps you worry about mosquito or insects when you find this kind of place, but guess what?! We didn’t get bitten by any. We only heard crickets singing outside but i love that kind of serene nature sound, don’t you?! 

Oh! Don’t expect they will have an aircon too inside the room, in fact the room is very cooling due to high ceiling. If you still feel warm or stuffy there is a fan. But again, i prefer natural breezy winds..



Moonstone Dome is a 2nd storey bamboo house, on ground floor they have outdoor shower and underneath the house they have the hammock area (when we were there the hammock was nowhere to be found, perhaps you might need to request from the staff). 2nd floor is where we are going to sleep, there is a bed covered with veil, lounge seating with open window viewing towards paddy field, bedside table and mirror, On the 2nd floor there is mini bridge connecting to the toilet and  washing basin.



This is the view when i woke up in the morning.. As you can see there is another bamboo house nearby.



First thing when we opened our door in the morning.. The sunrise very beautiful!







Shower Area

The fencing made from bamboo and covered with climber and lush planting surrounding, enough privacy so you don’t need to worry about outsiders looking at you while taking shower.



They have separate toilet on 2nd floor.. The toilet using eco concept so whenever you do your business, they will process it into compost. There is a toilet bowl, however they don’t have flush system, you just need to throw a few bunch of wood chips that they provide just beside the toilet. The smell might not be pleasant for some people, but i still can take it, lol.. However it was such an unique experience!


Never get enough of the sunrise view at this place…








When you think that you stay in the middle of nowhere at New Earth Heaven Moonstone Dome, you might get it wrong. Apparently they have full support operation for their accomodation. They have permanent villa (named Akasha Villa) which you can also rent and a restaurant named Akasha.

This restaurant only served vegan and vegetarian menu, but we love it! The foods were so good and healthy! Look at our complimentary breakfast… You’ve must be drooling by looking at it and didn’t expect that both are vegetarian foods. You must try their avocado juice, it was so refreshing and taste so good!







If you keen to stay at Moonstone Dome, you can go and book via airbnb

NewEarth Haven Moonstone Crystal Dome

Address: Jalan N Sinta, Keliki, Tegallalang, Kelusa, Payangan, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80561, Indonesia

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In the end what you expect staying in Bamboo House/ Hut, whatever u called them? For us, it was such unique experience, something different than usual 5 stars hotel or resort. As an eco accomodation, so you can expect that the facilities are environmental friendly, thus no aircon, no plastic material, promote recycle, etc. What do you think about this concept? Leave comments below if you want to ask more or discuss further about this experience.



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