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[Travel] Chasing Lupins at South Island, New Zealand

Planning a trip to chase flower season can be a bit tricky. From my experience, you have to study when the flowers are in fully bloom to get your best shot. Do take note, different areas might have different time of flower blooming as well, so you have to make sure considering on this factor when you plan the trip.


Lupinus – Wikipedia

Lupinus, commonly known as lupin or lupine (North America), is a genus of flowering plants in the legume family, Fabaceae.

Lupins in New Zealand is the weeds that you can find anywhere, but most of them are concentrated at few areas.

In New Zealand, during early summer is a good season to hunt lupin. Based on my last trip to New Zealand, here are the best places to find lupins if you are planning your upcoming trip.

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1. Lake Tekapo

The dramatic landscape and mountain as background, it’s undeniable that Lupin at Lake Tekapo is the best to be shot. Calming lake water reflecting the mountains added to the scene as well.

When? If you would like to make sure to catch this lupin blooming from end of November to early December. We went there during Christmas holiday (almost end of Dec) and we hardly find lupins around Lake Tekapo. When we found a few, most of them were transformed into peas already.

Best spot around Lake Tekapo: Church of the Good Shepherd.


Ok, that were the only Lupins left beside Lake Tekapo by end of December. 


Not sure what’s the exact name of this Lupins lookalike purple flowers, but it also looks pretty.


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2. Mount John Observatory

View from high point paired with the beautiful lupin bloom who can resist?! Another best location to shot the lupins with the far away town view as the background. When? This area almost have similar time blooming with Lake Tekapo, you should catch them by end of November to early December.

Best spot: in front of Astro Cafe or facing the two lakes.


This were taken end of December, no more lupins at Mount John Observatory. 



3. On the way to Mount John Observatory

We found this random spot when we drove to Mount John. There were few private property areas which somehow had their gates opened or perhaps someone might open it earlier. I don’t recommend to do this though! But it was because we desperated couldn’t spot any lupins around Lake Tekapo and Mount John.

When? End of December still have the leftover but best to catch them in fully bloom at the end of November or early December.















4. Lindis Pass

When you couldn’t manage to get your lupin fix at Lake Tekapo or Mount John, perhaps you might be able to find it at Lindis Pass. You might not be able to get the dramatic landscape view but you still can enjoy colourful bloom of Lupins. I don’t recommend to stop whenever you want to stop because it’s very dangerous and if i am not wrong they have less place to stop along the road. When? Mid of December to end December. 

5. Along Ahuriri River

River stream and blooming lupins is another best combination for your perfect landscape shot. When we went last December 2017, we only spotted this while driving because you need to find a way to walk towards the river thus we didn’t stop.

When? Mid of December to end December. 

6. Cardrona

Similar to Lindis Pass, lupins here growing along the highway. When we went there during end of Dec the lupins are blooming beautifully! And guess what we found a spot where they have a decent space to park the car and you can walk closely towards the river. To be honest it was not a proper car stop but hey who doesn’t want the lupin fix lol.

When? Mid of December to end December. 










Please note that the timing recommendation can be different depend on the weather. To make sure that you can catch them i guess early to mid December is the best time to go.

Plan your trip early and enjoy beautiful colourful blooms with awesome landscape view! I am hoping this motivated you and inspired you for your upcoming New Zealand trip on summer.

Happy Lupins hunting!!!!



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