[Beauty] My Favourite CC-Curl Eyelash Extension at Leekaja Salon

If you follow my instagram account, by right you already know that i could’t live without eyelash extension, especially after my visit to Leekaja to try their eyelash extension service. I really love the result! They are super natural and long lasting. You may read previous posts about the salon on this link and this link.


The salon reception always very friendly and attentive. And i love the trendy setting of this salon, very open and welcoming.


While waiting your stylist/ beautician ready, you can even order fresh juice from their juice bar menu. Served with complimentary snacks/ cookies.


Ok finally my turn to do my eyelash extension. This is me without my eyelashes, i feel incomplete 🙁


Nuri, my favourite beautician done usual CC Curl eyelash extension with 10-14mm length and 70pcs on each eye, 140pcs in total for both eyes.

Nuri is very skillfull, i can just lie down on the bed and close my eyes and she done everything on the eyes very carefully till i hardly feel anything, perhaps i can even fall asleep, lol. The glue used didn’t sting as well and the smell not that strong.


The result is very subtle and natural. I got a lot of compliments from friends/ colleagues on my eyelashes.


Not sure what kind of “sorcery” but my eyelashes seems like stay there forever, haha.. I always so happy with the result, but i also do my part taking care of it.

A lot of friends asking on how to take care eyelash extension so they can last longer. Below is the few tips on how to take care the eyelash extension.

a. Do not rub eyes vigorously;

b. Only use water based make up removal;

c. Wash the face carefully, do not put too much water around the eyelashes area;

d. Minimise usage of eyeliner;

e. Only use powder eyeshadow/ non oil based eyeshadow.


Talking about long lasting, this photo was taken during my South Korea trip, the eyelash extension still look perfect, and guess what it was already about 1.5 months (6 weeks). During that period, the eyelashes dropped were very minimal, perhaps still can count by finger, out of 140 lashes on both eyes.

Lengthen the boots and shorten the skirt ?

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Leekaja Beauty Salon

Address:​ Mandarin Gallery, ​333A Orchard Rd, #03-13, Singapore ​238897 – Tel:​ ​81330818
Opening hours:​ 10am – 8pm daily
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