[Beauty] My Journey to Perfect Skin with Dr.Belter Cosmetic and Annabelle Skin

“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than feeling beautiful – and that is not a question of age”


Clear & radiant skin does not happen by chance, it happens with proper treatment and using the right skincare products. I’ve been going for monthly treatments at Annabelle Skin and I’ve been using Dr Belter products on a daily basis.

If you haven’t read, you may find out more about my skin analysis and my first treatment experience on my previous post on this link:

Treatments with Annabelle Skin and Dr.Belter Cosmetic is always something I’ve been waiting for. It’s so relaxing and pampering and I always look forward to it.

On my third visit, I tried the intensa® med. Derm-A-ReNew Treatment.

Mandy the beautician applied an ampoule from the Dr.Belter intensa range to strengthen my skin. »intensa« Ampoule No. 14 Physio-Energy (is an energetic emulsion which makes the skin smooth & soft) was applied and thoroughly massaged into my skin followed by application of a double mask »intensa« Hyaluronic Factor 5 – aquasilk hydroboost mask (it is a quick-lift mask, intensively moisturizing and moisture-binding and helps to boost the skin’s own HA production & protects the skin from cellular stress and free radicals).


She also applied an acid treatment »intensa-med« Derm-A-ReNew skin renewal concentrate (20%) on my skin. It is a fruit acid treatment for skin in need of accelerated renewal. The fruit acid brought the pimple up to the surface which made extraction a breeze. I highly recommend this treatment if your skin is always clogged!!

She did the usual shoulder massage to make me more relax throughout the treatment. The shoulder massage was done with Dr.Belter Cosmetic’s Basic Massage Milk (contains squalene, allantoin and soothing complex) to enhance skin smoothness. It is a non-oily lotion that can be fully absorbed into the skin to give it a silky feeling.


My skin is always glowing after treatment!

Some pimples came to the skin surface a couple of days after this treatment. It was part of my skin detoxification. I found that the recovery was quick and it left my skin clearer and brighter.

It’s my 4th month using Dr.Belter Cosmetic’s products and Annabelle Skin treatments and so far, they are performing very well and my skin is improving day by day – gradually and steadily. For this month’s treatment, I’ve experienced a very unique facial treatment that uses both Silk Scarf and Aventurine Gemstone massage techniques.


It was such a pleasant moment when the smooth silk scarf touched the skin, and when the cooling Aventurine Gemstone glided smoothly over the face, neck and décolleté area. A gemstone was used to massage my face and this gemstone comes with therapeutic properties, so massaging our skin with it helps to tone facial muscles and detox the skin to improve lymphatic flow! I felt so good and energised after the treatment and I could really see that my face was lifted!


Dr.Belter Cosmetic also introduced a renewal of the current Bio-Classica Line in August 2017 with a more comprehensive skincare range. The >>Bio-Classica<< line was developed to provide more enriched skin care for customers who are experiencing a reduction in elasticity and tautness of the skin. Products under this line support the skin’s vital functions, strengthen the skin’s resistance and safeguard youthful radiance.


Classic cosmetic ingredients, such as silk, vitamins, traditional plant extracts and algae are combined with highly innovative, partly patented active substances like the biomimetic DLS, time-release-spheres and the matrix-forming Glucolift complex. The individual formulas are designed to provide a broad spectrum of positive effects for different skin types and skin ages:

Pure Balance Fluid and Refiner – for combination skin with a tendency towards impurities

AquaSilk Serum and AquaSilk 24 cream – ultralight & hydroactive, refreshing moisturising care

Gentle Beauty Balm – well-balanced moisturising and protective care for normal, slightly sensitive skin

Day Care Plus and Night Care Plus – extra rich, preventive anti-ageing for very dry skin

Day & Night Special Cream – multi-regenerative cream for very dry, demanding skin

Hydra Dayshield 30 – SPF 30 fluid – multifunctional daily care and protection against sun damage

I’ve been using this Bio-Classica line from Dr.Belter Cosmetic for smooth skin and ultimate protection.

I feel that it really protects my skin from environmental influences (especially when I travel), and helps to balance and preserve the skin!


This time I’ve also tried their Bio-Classica Hydra Dayshield with SPF 30. It’s a silky, soft day moisturiser with sunscreen for normal to slightly oily skin type. It is also suitable for skin sensitive to light. A flawless, radiant complexion are expected with regular use.

I always applied this sunblock in the morning to calm my skin and prevent skin pigmentation caused by UVA and UVB rays. The texture is very light and non-sticky. I noticed that Dr.Belter Cosmetic products always have a very pleasant smell.

Why is Dr Belter Bio-Classica line Hydra Dayshield 30 my favourite?

Because it has good stuff inside, such as:

    1. SPF 30 fluid – multifunctional daily care and protection against sun damage,
    2. Has a mattifying effect, anti-irritative and prevents photo ageing,
    3. It reduces hyper pigmentation, smooths and supports collagen synthesis, prevents redness and UV induced cell damage,
    4. Light texture and non sticky.


You can watch my video about Dr Belter Bio Classica Line product review…

I had my monthly treatment just before my recent hiking trip in Hongkong. Weather change will compromise skin quality. Low humidity on airplanes dries out the skin, leading to skin barrier’s disruption and skin irritation. Lack of sleep throughout my holiday worsens the skin condition too, resulting in bad breakouts. But this is something I don’t have to worry about any more, ever since I started my Dr.Belter Cosmetic journey.


Dr.Belter Cosmetic products are always combined with very unique facial treatment methods. Just before my trip, I’ve got to try their Facial Cupping treatment which activates the skin cells for firming and anti-aging purposes. They also treated me with Caviar Ampoule to stabilise the skin, followed by Glow Serum and Phytocell Mask from Dr. Belter’s Stimula Line for rejuvenation.


The treatment ended with an enjoyable Hot Mask Bandage for a V-shape face, and not forgetting, a relaxing massage routine by Mandy – something I’ve always look forward to every treatment. After treatment, my skin is more firm and lifted.


It helps to keep my skin well hydrated and strengthens my skin, thus I no longer have any skin issues whenever I go travelling.

By combining monthly treatments from Annabelle Skin  and the daily usage of Dr.Belter Cosmetic products, my overall complexion has improved, with stronger and less sensitive skin.


It’s been a great 6 months journey with  Dr.Belter Cosmetic’s products and treatment at Annabelle Skin, I couldn’t be happier with the improvement on my skin.

The clogging had reduced, the skin lifted, firmness restored and it also strengthen my skin therefore my skin becomes less sensitive and no longer prone to irritation. My skin is always well hydrated, more firm and radiant. I always looking forward to my facial appointment Annabelle Skin every month because every treatment is a truly pampering session.

With the combination of unique treatments from Annabelle Skin with Dr. Belter products, my skin is restored to its healthy state.

I am really happy with the results – at the moment i am enjoying the healthiest complexion I’ve ever had in my life! Can’t thank you more Dr.Belter Cosmetic and Annabelle Skin for taking care my skin.


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