[Beauty] CC-Curl Eyelash Extension at Leekaja Beauty Salon

If you haven’t read my first eyelash extension experience at Leekaja Beauty Salon, you may read it here.


I’ve been having pleasant experience on eyelash extension service with Leekaja, mainly due to their service and the lashes quality. It can last me longer than a month without any touch up.

This time round i tried their CC-Curl Lashes in Sexy Style! Because i told Nuri, the beautician that i want longer and more prominent lashes, there you go she recommended CC-Curl lashes.


As you can see Sexy Style CC-Curl Eyelash Extension will give longer lashes on the outer corner of the eye, giving the effect of soft and sexy look.


The above is my eyelashes just after removal previous eyelash extension and preparation before applying new eyelashes. Can you see how short my real eyelashes are? I really i cannot live without eyelash extension in my life!


And this photo after Nuri done with CC-Curl Sexy Style with 10-14mm length, i really love the result! She used 70pcs lashes on each eye.


It’s longer and fuller but still looks very natural. And it’s super comfortable! Thumbs up to Nuri, she was carefully done my eyelash extension and made me very comfortable throughout the process. No strong glue smell during the process too!

And of course i really love the result! It look very natural and really beautify my eyes..


Here is the price list for your guide. I would say the Korean Silk lashes quality already very good! And the price are very reasonable for such a quality. I am not raving about them just because i got sponsored, but i experience myself their service and how long lasting the eyelashes are.


It really worth to give a try, because their service and the eyelash extension quality are really good.

Quote “YUNI” for 15% off eyelash extension service.

Leekaja Beauty Salon

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